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Google Hangouts is best described as an all-in-one communication app for Android and iOS users. The app is available for free and comes with multiple features. Without a doubt, smartphone users should consider downloading Hangouts to take advantage of these benefits. Plenty of people have used the service on their computers, and the app provides the same great experience. Free messaging apps are nothing new, but only one of them has the backing of Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world.

What is Google Hangouts?

Like other messaging apps, Hangouts comes with basic text messaging. Users can even send picture, voice, and video messages to each other. The app takes things a step further by offering full voice and video calls. In fact, video conferencing with multiple users is possible for supported devices. Each person can use all of these features without spending a dime. A device’s phone number and user’s Google account combine to provide these features. Therefore, most users are ready to go after downloading the app.

How to Download Hangouts on Android and iOS

Luckily, the download process for Hangouts on Android and iOS is identical. An individual must locate the app by searching through their applicable app marketplace. He or she will then hit the install button, which will start the download. Upon completion of the download, a device will automatically install the necessary files. Devices with speedy connections can handle this process within a few seconds, and then users are ready to open the app. A quick setup process will initiate before an individual can start using Hangouts.

Getting Started With The App

Hangouts is quite easy to understand and navigate through, so users should feel at ease right away. Individuals should start making sure that all of their contacts are synced with Hangouts. Of course, this should include contacts from the phone and Google account. This ensures that users can send messages and video chat with anyone and everyone. It’s important to go through the app’s settings and change everything to one’s liking. Customizing the app takes seconds and pays dividends moving forward.

At this point, users should begin communicating with their friends and family members. A given person can set up a video chat with multiple friends right from their smartphones. Others can start sending text and picture messages through Hangouts. From there, users can’t forget about phone calls. Each person should take the time to play around with the app because some features are hidden behind the simple user interface. A lot of incredible features and capabilities are available here.

Hangouts Continues To Improve and Beat The Competition

Google updates Hangouts every week or two, depending upon various factors. This means that the app is constantly being refined and improved. In the end, all smartphone users on Android and iOS can utilize this app for their messaging needs. Most people will use the video chatting features, but there’s more to this app than that. Hangouts was designed for convenience and features by Google. The app succeeds on those fronts and beats the competition.

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