Instagram vs Pinterest – Which Photo-sharing App Rules the Social Media?

Instagram and Pinterest are two photo-based social networks and though the two may look similar, there are significant differences between them.

If you look at the two photo-sharing sites, you will notice a difference in their demographics and the nature of the content. Instagram and Pinterest offer a great platform where users can connect with one another and showcase different products turning users into potential customers. The two social networking sites are also being used as creative platforms for marketing of different brands.

Instagram has a Younger Audience

Instagram users are mostly women ranging from 18 to 29 years old – that’s according to recent surveys, while Pinterest users are mostly women under the age of 50 and most of them are mothers. The reason why Instagram has a younger audience is because it is strictly a mobile app. It doesn’t have a desktop version which older users can access. Pinterest, aside from having a mobile app, can also be accessed through its website.

How the Content is Being Presented

Pinterest and Instagram may both allow photo sharing but there’s a difference on how the photos are being presented. Instagram users post photos of things that are actually happening to them while Pinterest users are sharing content that they wish they have or would happen to them. Using visual boards, Pinterest users usually “pin” the stuff that they want to have or experience such as clothes and places to travel.

Easily Find the Photos You’re Looking For

You can search for photos on both apps but Pinterest makes the job easier for you. The photos are grouped into categories to make it easier to find. The categories range from fashion, to places, to books, to food and drink, and to gardening. In Instagram, it’s harder to locate photos because the only way to search for them is by searching for hashtags, and even then, there will be thousands of photos to go through if you search for something general like fashion.

Quality of Photos

If there’s one thing Instagram is most known for, it’s the filters you can choose to add to your photos. However, even after we apply layers and layers of filters, the quality of some of the photos is still not as good as the quality of Pinterest photos. Pinterest photos usually came from brands that hire professional photographers for their images. This is the reason why it’s a better idea to share photos on Pinterest, if only for the quality of the images.

Final Word

Choosing between the two depends on what you’ll be using it for. If you’re looking for a photo-sharing app for personal use, then you should go for Instagram. It’s filled with users who share the same purpose as you – to share one’s own photos. However, if you want a good marketing strategy for your products, Pinterest is the better option. Users or followers make great potential customers. Many brands are already using Pinterest and as long as you know how to take great photos, you definitely have a spot there.

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