Windows 10 vs Ubuntu – Which OS Will Be The First?

Buyers, especially tech enthusiasts are crazy about the latest tablets and phones that roll out, thus the sales for PCs are pretty low. In the near future, individuals may start using these devices as desktop PCs instead. A major blow for the computer companies might be on the verge of happening, thus a new design concerning the software may also be implemented. So, we can say goodbye to operation systems and apps with one sole UI. It would be awesome though to see how the apps we use change their format depending on how they are being used. This whole process was called convergence and was inspired by those who creating Ubuntu OS when they rolled out a mobile device that also worked as a computer back in 2013. And even though the campaign for this phone didn’t go as planned, those at Canonical were dedicated to implement big changes and make their Ubuntu operating system, into this versatile UI. And right behind them is the Microsoft Company, a strong competitor that also wishes to do the same thing with Windows 10. So it seems that the “convergence” battle is on and the question is: which one will stir the biggest wave?


Hardware Know-how: Since Microsoft purchased Nokia, this means it has the necessary tools to make all kinds of gadgets that can display the power of Windows 10.

Other features: Windows 10 is also planning on adding some amazing control commands that function both on desktop and mobile device. One of the leading cross-platforms apps out there is Cortana. Users can use it to plan their meetings, dates and look up necessary info. Microsoft also wishes to revamp the UI, so that it functions on a vast array of gadgets.

Even if Windows is not that big of a name concerning the mobile industry, it is the ultimate operating system for all home computers.  Microsoft’s major perk here is that it also implements other types of software such as the Office one. And because it has this kind of mastery, it is able to overhaul the Office with all kinds of universal applications.

Canonical however, doesn’t own the same type control and cannot further expand software on Ubuntu OS. The developers are famous for the LibreOffice software instead.

All set for iPhone&Android apps: During the Build expo, Microsoft made public its plans of leading the way for iPhone as well as Android apps to run on Windows 10.

Those working on this project can actually port iOS and Android apps to Windows 10 and writing those endless codes will not be required. So, by allowing all of these popular apps to roll in, Microsoft will grant users the chance of enjoying their favorite apps.

What about Ubuntu?

Ubuntu will be the first to arrive at the finish line and will offer users the first PC-phone OS. We are all exciting to get our hands on this new gizmo that also works as a desktop. Apparently, it will roll out in 2015.  Even if Microsoft is also rushing to launch its OS on computers and tablets in the following month, the launch date for the rest of the devices is still unknown.

Let’s talk costs: Ubuntu first came out with Aquarius E4.5. Even if some of the specifications of this phone might be a bit overwhelming for some, the fact that the price is a pretty low one, will tempt users to give it a go. Ubuntu wishes to bring the versatile OS to a new level. The fact that Ubuntu is considering the user’s needs and trying to overlook the online and offline content, reveals the fact that the latter has bigger plans than Windows.

There are plenty of open-sources that function on Windows, but Ubuntu has a different game plan in stored. It wishes to release free software that users can download from the Dash desktop.

Customization: Operating on Windows, means you’re pretty much cemented with the OS that the latter offers you. With Ubuntu, on the other hand, if you’re not pleased with something concerning the OS, you can easily make adjustments.

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