Find Out Who Blocks You on Facebook

While it is possible to get blocked on Facebook, there are, unfortunately, no easy ways of finding out if you have been blocked or not. Nevertheless, there are indirect methods you can use to determine whether someone has blocked you from Facebook rather than stewing in curiosity. Here are ways to find out if someone blocked you on Facebook.

Finding If You Have Been Blocked Through A Friends Search

In most cases, the person who blocks you on Facebook is someone you were friends with previously. You should search for the person on the friend’s list using their name.

If you cannot find the person’s name in the results, it is possible you have been blocked. It could also be that they have deactivated their account or changed their name and profile picture.

Finding Out By Reporting a Conversation

This method is good for people you were previously friends with you on Facebook and you had conversations with them. The method involves the use of the Facebook tool used to report spam and abuse from users.

You should open a conversation you had with the person, and click on the “Actions” button, then select the “Report Spam or Abuse” option. The next step involves three options, and you should select the third alternative : “Report conversation participant(s)…”.

In the next step, anyone who has blocked you will have the word “Blocked” next to their name, while those who have inactive accounts will simply have the word “Report” next to their names. This is obviously an extreme method, but it can help settle doubts you might have on whether or not you have been blocked on Facebook.

Other Methods Of Finding Out Whether You Have Been Blocked

The methods above are great if you do not want anyone else to know whether you are concerned that someone has blocked you on Facebook. If you are up to it, you can also use direct methods. For instance, for someone you were previously quite close, you can contact them and find out if they have blocked you for some reason or another.

Another method would be to contact mutual friends and see if they can view the person’s profile on Facebook. If they can and you can’t, then it is a clear indication that you have been blocked. However, if they also cannot see the person’s profile, it is an indication that the Facebook account is no longer active.


If you suspect that you have been blocked on Facebook, you can always take steps to confirm your suspicions. Typically, the person’s profile becoming inaccessible through your profile is a red flag, although it could be the result of that person deleting their account. Direct ways of finding out if you have been blocked include asking known mutual friends if they can access the person’s Facebook profile.

If you would prefer not to draw as much interest to yourself, you could always report a conversation as spam or abuse, and Facebook will tell you outrightly if that a person has blocked you or just deleted their profile.

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