Clash of Clans Free Download – Best Tips, Tricks and Cheats Of 2015

Supercell released a new update for one of their most played games, Clash of Clans. The new patch brought a new troop to the game, the Lava Hound. The new Lava Hound is a flying fiery Golem, which will focus on Air Defenses buildings. When it will die, it will also deal additional splash damage and after that it will split in Lava Pups.

However, today we’re not going to talk about the new troop, but instead we’ll tell you about how to defend your village, how to farm better and other useful things that will improve your play style.

  1. Creating a good defensive


Cannons are very effective in the early levels, as they are cheaper and you can build them right before you start the game. They reach the maximum level at level 12 and they don’t take a lot of resources to get upgraded. They have a decent range and a good fire rate and you should place them around the walls, especially near a Wizard Tower.

Hidden Tesla

The Hidden Tesla tower is a hidden defensive structure that will show itself only when the enemy will reach its range of fire. Once the enemy troops are in its range of fire, it will start shooting to them, revealing itself. This tower can deal damage to both air units and ground units and will deal double damage to P.E.K.K.A units. Likewise Cannons, they should be placed inside the walls.

Archer Tower

The archer tower will also hit both air and ground units. However, the Archer towers have a bigger range, which means that they should be placed right next to the walls or even outside the walls, but try to protect them out with some cannon towers.


This tower will shoot ground units from a long range. However, it can be also set to shoot air and ground units, but it will lose a significant amount of range. This tower can be upgraded up to level 4 and it should be placed somewhere near the Town Hall.


The Mortar is a heavy defensive structure that will deal area of effect damage (AOE). With other words, if near the target that is shooting there are other enemy troops, they will also get damaged. This is one of the best defensive structures and should be placed somewhere near the Town Hall. It will be the worst nightmare for the players who send a big amount of troops close to each other.

  1. Effective Farming

Town Hall

When it comes to farming, the Town Hall plays a big role into how much loot you can “steal” from your opponent. In case your Town Hall is higher than the one you’re attacking, you will get fewer resources, which is not very good. We recommend you to never attack someone that has a lower Town Hall than you, because you will waste troops and time for a low amount of resources.

Town Hall resources penalty

– Enemy’s Town Hall has the same level as your Town Hall = you can get up to 100% of the available resources
– Enemy’s Town Hall is 1 level lower than your Town Hall = you can get up to 90% of the available resources
– Enemy’s Town Hall is 2 levels lower than your Town Hall = you will get up to 50% of the available resources
– Enemy’s Town Hall is 3 levels lower than your Town Hall = you will get up to 25% of the available resources
– Enemy’s Town Hall is 4+ levels lower than your Town Hall = you will get up to 5% of the available resources.

Farming Strategy

There are a few things that you should consider when you want to farm efficiently:

– Train troops that have a low training time
– Never rely on spells, as it will take you around 30 minutes to “craft” them
– The cost of your troops should be around 50.000 – 90.000
– Focus on getting at least double resources you’ve invested into your troops
– Upgrade your army camps as soon as possible.

  1. Join a Clan and enjoy the “end-game”

Once you are quite confident and understand the game pretty well, you can re-build your Clan Castle and join a Clan. This is actually where the fun begins, as you will do Clan Wars and you will get a good amount of resources out of it (that’s if your Clan wins). At the same time, Clan members will be able to send you reinforcement troops into your Clan Castle. The troops inside the Clan Castle (which are sent by your Clan mates will be able to defend your village and they will get out of the Clan Castle and attack nearby troops as soon as the enemy gets in range, which is 12-tiles).

You will need to communicate with your Clan a lot in order to win a Clan War, but we assure you that once you win a Clan War you will get addicted to it.  It is good to know that if the Clan Castle is destroyed during a raid and there are troops that didn’t die while defending the village, they will not be available until the Clan Castle is repaired.

When you win Clan Wars, all the resources you gain from a war will be deposited to your Clan Castle. This is why you will want to keep upgrading the Clan Castle, as the higher it is, the more resources you can store inside it. So, in case you win a good amount of resources in a Clan War and you don’t have a Clan Castle that can hold all of them, you will lose the extra resources. The Clan Castle can hold up to 2.000.000 Gold, 2.000.000 Elixir and 10.000 Dark Elixir at its highest level, which is level 6, while at level 1 it can hold only 75.000 Gold, 75.000 Elixir and 500 Dark Elixir.

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