Viber Vs Skype Desktop Version – A Foray Into Skype Territory

For the longest time, Viber has been an application for smartphones that allows users to communicate with other Viber users through the internet. Now Viber has gone an extra mile and released the PC version. However, users still require the smartphone version to be able to connect the PC version.

The release of Viber for PC signals an entry into the Skype domain, which dominates the market in terms of offering the ability to make high quality calls from PCs, smartphones and Mac. There is so much room for growth for Viber.

So, how exactly does Viber compare with Skype for PC?

Pricing and Registration

To be able to use Viber for PC, one is required to register their phone number. Once registered, the user will be given a code which activates the app on the PC and smartphone. This means that it is impossible to use Viber if you do not have it installed in your smartphone already. Once Viber is installed in the PC, it automatically imports contacts from the phone as opposed to working as a standalone product. Viber is available for free.

Skype is a free service if the user is making calls to other Skype users. One will need Skype credit to call landlines and phone numbers. The pricing is per minute basis and varies from one location to another.

Video Calling

Video calling in Viber is still in beta version and is yet to be optimized. Fortunately, it is available on the PC version. On the other hand, Skype can be used to make video calls on different platforms. It is possible to make video calls from PC to smartphones and vice versa. With a wider install base, Skype offers more functionality than Viber and also has more users.

Quality of Calls

Since Viber currently offers video calls in beta, it is normal to experience poor video quality and even audio quality. These problems persist even when using high internet speed. On the other hand, Skype offers excellent video and audio quality. This is understandable since Skype has had enough experience with video and audio call quality and Skype has undergone optimization severally. Therefore, Skype will normally offer good audio and video quality while it offers excellent service under high internet speed.

The Pricing

Viber is a free service, but only when being used to reach other Viber subscribers. The mobile charge carriers will charge calls that are made to non-Viber users. On the other hand, Skype offers free Skype to Skype calls and making calls to non-Skype users or landlines can be affordable using the Skype credits.


Viber is an app that can be used not only in PCs but also in various different operating systems. This makes the desktop client a great app for communicating with other users, without having to call back or hang-up. Even so, Skype remains a step ahead as it not only supports PC, Mac and smartphone operating systems, but is also available for tablets, PlayStation and TVs.

Skype clearly continues to dominate the world of video calling even on PC. Viber has to undergo various improvements if it is to become a serious contender for the position of the best video calling app for PC.

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