WhatsApp Download v2.12.14 Stable APK for Nokia Symbian Update

It seems that WhatsApp’s developers are continuously updating their application for the Nokia Symbian OS. Currently, the latest WhatsApp version for Nokia is 2.12.14 but keep in mind that this version is in BETA and it may come with bugs.

The latest stable version of WhatsApp for Nokia is 2.11.955 and can be downloaded from the Nokia store.

WhatsApp v2.12.14 BETA for Nokia Symbian: What’s new?

The new WhatsApp 2.12.14 BETA version for Nokia comes with bug fixes and improvements for the stability of the application. So, in case you are currently having issues with WhatsApp on your Nokia Symbian device, we suggest you to try out this new WhatsApp 2.12.14 BETA version.

As usual, when WhatsApp releases a new BETA version for an OS, it is available only on the WhatsApp official website. In case you’ve never installed a WhatsApp BETA version on your Nokia Symbian device, you don’t have to worry as we will tell you all the steps that needs to be done to complete the installation.

WhatsApp v2.12.14 BETA: How to install it on your Nokia Symbian device

In order to install this new WhatsApp version on your Nokia Symbian device, you will need to open the web browser that you use on the device and head to whatsapp.com/nokia. Once the webpage loads, tap on “Download Now” and the application will start downloading on your device. Once it’s downloaded, it will ask your permission to start installing on the device.

So, just tap on “Install”, follow the instructions and start using the latest WhatsApp BETA version on your Nokia Symbian device!

HINT: As you already know, WhatsApp v2.12.14 is currently in BETA, which means that the application might come with some bugs and errors. In case you find out that the application crashes too often or doesn’t work properly, we suggest you to uninstall it and install the latest STABLE version from the Nokia store.

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