Chrome Remote Desktop – Google’s Remote Control for your Desktop

Been trying to access one of those important files that is sitting in your home PC, while you are out there on some important business?

Well, Google’s Chrome Remote has been designed for people like you out there!

What’s Chrome Remote Desktop?

To people who are new to this technology and term, here’s what the Remote Desktop is all about. It allows you to remotely access your desktop or your friends’ through the Chrome browser.

It enables you to gain access to your desktops for an ad hoc remote support and you can bank on it to access your applications and files while you are somewhere else. Be rest assured that trust on security comes to you from Google. What more can you ask for!

Which OS can you Access?

Since Chrome Remote Desktop is fully cross-platform, it provides remote assistance to OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows XP and above and Mac OS X 10.6 and above. You can have this Chrome Remote Desktop app installed virtually on any device, even your smartphone.

Let’s look into some of the tips which work with the Remote Desktop.

Power up your Chromebook Usage

Many of you miss the splendid action of the ‘right-click’ button on Chromebook’s touchpad, don’t you? But have you had a closer look at it? When you use your two fingers to press down on the touchpad, you can see a click style options menu coming up. From here, you can copy links as you wish.

Smartly Work Offline

It is a well-known fact that Chromebooks need internet connectivity. There are several ways of staying online right from connecting to a free Wi-Fi or via tethering. But, when you have no access to the net at all, you can still survive working offline with your Chromebook. All you have to do is set up an offline access beforehand.

If you don’t have the need to access Google Docs, Calendar or Gmail, then you can switch to offline services on the Chrome OS.

Print on the Cloud with Google

With Chromebook by your side now, you can make paperless printing happen. Alas, this feature will not work if you connect a printer to your device; even though you may have a USB printer. To enable paperless printing, you must set up Google Cloud Print feature. To do that, just enable the printer and print by setting up the feature on your device.

All you need to do is open the chrome browser on that PC and go to ‘Menu’. Now you must click no ‘Settings’ and then ‘Show advanced settings’. That’s it. You’re almost done. Now just Sign in and enjoy the feature.

Cheers to the Infinity and Beyond

Productivity with Chromebooks is becoming a child’s play in the trending technology. Being so simple and easily manageable, you will not be surprised to know that you will still want to stick to a nearby Wi-Fi as much as possible.

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