WhatsApp Plus 6.70 Free APK – Download The Stable Version

WhatsApp is extremely appreciated and has more active users than any other messaging application, but there are features that are missing and the users have requested them for so long and still haven’t received most of them. Taking advantage of this situation, other developers modified WhatsApp in a way that supports most of the desired features, and WhatsApp Plus is the application that fulfilled users’ wishes. The stable version is 6.70 and the APK can be downloaded from the internet.

WhatsApp Plus came as a special gift, being a modified version of the original application, but having additional features. WhatsApp’s users were also stuck with the blue tick for read messages and at that time, the appearance of WhatsApp Plus was like a breath of oxygen, because this application cared more about its users’ privacy, by removing the annoying check marks. In short time, after its launch, WhatsApp Plus was uploaded on all kinds of online stores, infuriating the developers of WhatsApp, which requested them to remove the illegal app. In parallel, they worked on a method to ban the users who were caught uninstalling WhatsApp and installing the unofficial version, and the ban lasted 24 hours. This measure was an attempt to convince them to go back to the original application, but for some of them, it was too late, because they found what they were looking for: an application that satisfied their needs.

After having numerous problems with WhatsApp’s representatives, the developers of WhatsApp returned with fresh forces and brought a stable version, ban-free, but which can be downloaded from the official website and third party sources. The application is a lot more exciting and more important, it’s absolutely free! Meaning that after one year of use, you won’t be charged 0.99 dollars annually, to keep your account. This unofficial version allows you to change the color of your background and header; you can send multimedia files bigger than 16MB (actually, 50MB is the size limit on WhatsApp Plus); you can hide your online status, to not be bothered by talkative contacts (energy vampires); you can change the theme, send photos with the same resolution, not decreased etc.

Before installing WhatsApp Plus 6.70 APK, enable the Unknown Sources option in your device’s Settings. This option is, by default, disabled, to prevent you from installing applications that you’re installing from other websites than the Google Play store.

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