Fallout 4 Trailer Made By A Fan – Release Date Is Near?

The fans have been waited for years for Bethesda to announce the next Fallout 4. However, there is no official news from the company regarding the game, but a big fan of the series revealed a new teaser trailer of Fallout 4. Keep in mind that this is nothing official and it’s just a simple trailer made by a fan. The YouTube user is named Secret Internet Guy and at the beginning of the trailer he said that he has nothing to do with Bethesda, it’s not affiliated with the company and it’s not a Youtube partner, either.

He made the trailer just for fun and he ended it with a Fallout 4 logo, a vault door with a number “4” on it. Here is the trailer we told you about:

Fallout 4’s existence was firstly confirmed by some leaked casting documents. Those documents confirmed that the action of next Fallout game will take place in Boston. However, until now, Bethesda didn’t confirm or infirm any of the leaked information. A lot of fans hoped that they will get some information on the annual events that Bethesda got on, but unfortunately the developers disappointed the fans.

Fallout 4 still not officially announced

Most of the rumors about Fallout 4 state that this game will be announced by Bethesda in 2015. After all, the Fallout series were sold like hot pancakes. Two of the most important things that fans want to know about the upcoming game are: where the action will take place and what kind of background music the game will feature.

These two things are important because in the previous Fallout editions, the location had a big influence on the background music used by the developers in the game. Rumors say that the new location set for Fallout 4 will be in Boston, the place where the Institution is located. The Institute has highly advanced technology and technological skills, being able to create forms of artificial intelligence such as androids.

Since Bethesda is not making any announcement about Fallout 4, the fans started working on their own projects. For now, two of the most known projects are Fallout mod and Fallout MMORPG. Fallout MMORPG is very similar to Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 and it uses a camera such as in Diablo 2 game.

Do you think that Fallout 4 will be announced until the end of this year or it will be announced somewhere in the mid of 2015?

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