Top Cydia Tweaks With Jailbreak Hacks And Tricks

Every Apple user is fascinated by the new tweaks that were released for the jailbroken iOS devices, and they are interested in knowing more about the most popular applications that will make them fall in love with their smartphones. We’ll select a few tweaks that are worth promoting and you’ll decide which one is worth installing.

Hands-free Control

If you own an iPhone 4s/5/5S/5C, then this tweak will improve your Siri experience, as you will be able to activate it using a keyword which you will speak and the voice personal assistant will recognize it.


By installing this tweak, you will launch applications with a simple gesture, like double tapping status bar to launch the camera application.


Instead of paying a fee to use the hotspot on their iPhones, the users can now install TetherMe and use it for free.


Do you want to improve Google Chrome’s speed? Install Nitrous and you’ll be amazed how other third party applications will run, as well.


To transfer files between a computer and an iDevice, or to delete or modify files, it’s very easy to do it by using iFile, which will also install DEB packaged on the device.

AirBlue Sharing

With this tweak, you can transfer any media or other kinds of files from an iDevice and to an iDevice via Bluetooth.

Springtomize 3

When you want to make a change in the Control Center, or if you want to change the Slide To Unlock text, install Springtomize 3 and it will customize your iPhone the way you like.


Instead of using the regular lock-screen, install Verbatim and you’ll get many awesome features, so you’ll be notified on your lockscreen when you have new emails, missed calls or when the weather changes.

BytaFont 2

This is a very old tweak that will be much appreciated in iOS 8 as well, as it will replace its default font with a funnier or childish one.

WhatsApp Unlimited Media

If you have a Whatsapp Messenger account, then you’re frustrated that you can’t share more than 10 pictures. With WhatsApp Unlimited Media, you will be able to send unlimited photos.

Cydia Tips and Tricks

Use your Google or Facebook ID to log into your Cydia account and see the list of Installable Purchases with paid applications which can be installed on a second device. Not all developers will allow you to share a single license, so you’d better check if you can install a paid application on two devices.

If you no longer want to see announcements about themes or ringtones releases, and if you had enough of the Zeppelin addons, go to Settings, click Edit from the upper right corner and edit the Visibility of the sections, so you will see only the packages that interest you.

If you haven’t installed a certain package, but you want to be up to date, turn on Show All Changes and you will be alerted when you have an available update.

If you don’t want to get updates for a certain package, turn on Ignore Upgrades, but when an application doesn’t work, you’ll need to install another package. From the Manage tab tap on Settings from the upper corner and you’ll have three options: User (showing Apps, Tweaks and Themes); Hacker (which adds Command Line tools) and Developer (it reveals all Cydia’s offers).

Every package from Cydia is Debian with .deb extension and the older versions should be backed up, because when the new update breaks the applications, you can delete them and install the old versions. Just drag the .deb file to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall directory and reboot your device. The reinstalled package will be found here: Cydia>Manage>Packages list.

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