10 Reasons Why Android Phones Are Better Than iPhone

So you think that the iPhone has the superior operating system in the world of smartphones?

Well, that is not the case and in order to prove that point here are 10 reasons why Android phones are indeed better.

* More Choices With Phones

First, you have a wide range of phones to choose from with the Android operating system while you are stuck with the iPhone if you want to use the iOS. This is extremely restrictive and it also means that you are stuck to the one budget whereas at least with Android you can get a range of contracts on a range of phones that are better for your pocket.

* You Get Bigger Screens

Apple are proud that the iPhone 6 has their biggest screen yet, but they have not broken that five inch barrier yet. However, with Android there are a number of phones that have screens at 5.5 inches, so if you prefer large, clear graphics, then Android really has to be your only option.

* Ease Of Customization

It is possible to completely customize your Android phone whereas it is much harder to do on an iPhone. This means that your phone ends up looking like every other iPhone in existence around the world and where is the fun in that? Surely it is better to put your own stamp on things?

* The Phones Are Better

What we mean here is that the phones have the better hardware because in all honesty you can get Android phones with double the processing speed as well as more RAM and a whole host of other things. They are also then going to be faster as a result and who wants a slow phone anyway?

* The Apps Store Is Better

Even though the Apple app store was first on the scene, the Google Play store has now surpassed it for ease of use and quality of apps. It really is brilliant and you stand a better chance of stumbling across a gem of an app here than you do with the Apple version.

* You Get More Widgets

Apple have recently introduced widgets, but they lag far behind Android who have been offering them for years. This just makes it easier to make your phone so much fun and part of that fun is exploring what is out there. With Apple, this exploration takes a fraction of the time as there are less available.

* Easier To Expand

With the iPhone there is the sense that you have to stick with what you have bought whereas that is not the case with Android. Instead, you know that you can get more memory or more storage space and this encourages you to use your phone for more things over a longer period of time.

* You Can Remove The Battery

It is becoming more common for you to be able to remove the batter on your Android phone and replace it with a brand new one. This is important as they do naturally lose their ability to hold their charge, but with the iPhone this is a major issue. Why should you change your phone just because of a bad battery? Well, with Android there is no need to.

* Charging Is Not An Issue

How often do you find that you lose your charger? This is not a problem with Android as they are universal chargers, so you can get your power fix from pretty much anywhere. However, Apple have a habit of changing chargers, so you feel kind of stuck and cannot go to your old iPhone as they have done something such as change the number of pins. This in itself can be extremely annoying.

* They Can Just Do More

Overall, the Android phone can often just do more and it also tends to be far more durable as well. A number of the handsets are now water resistant and dust resistant and each new phone that hits the market seems to have new technology that is missing on the iPhone. It gives you the impression that there is just more scope with Android and this is one major reason why it is ahead of the iPhone in so many ways.

So those ten reasons are why Android phones are better although clearly there are people that will try to argue against the points being made. However, Android is claiming a bigger share of the market and with some pretty big launches coming out you can expect this share to grow even further.

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