Why You should Get Zoom iQ6 and iQ7 for Your iPod, iPhone or iPad?

Why You should Get Zoom iQ6 and iQ7 for Your iPod, iPhone or iPad?

Well, basically the camera on IOS devices is great. However, the inbuilt microphone of such devices is not as good. The Zoom iQ6 and iQ7 microphones were built with this problem in mind.

The two microphones allow you to make high quality recordings with your IOS devices, including iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone. With these two stereo microphones, you only need to link them to your device and you are ready to capture sound in an array of situations, including meetings, lectures, interviews and concerts.

Zoom iQ6 and iQ7 microphones capture sound with an astonishing realism, both indoor and outdoor.

The Zoom iQ6

The iQ6 is an outstanding X/Y stereo condenser mic. It is ideal for high quality sound recording. Additionally, the stereo is small enough to fit into a pocket. The iQ6 is connected to the Lightning connector of IOS devices, such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. With this device, you can easily convert your IOS device into a magnificent field recorder.

Some of the features that make this stereo condenser unique include:

· X/Y Stereo for Realism and Versatility – the stereo has two unidirectional high quality condenser microphones, positioned in an X/Y configuration. This allows the microphone to cover a larger area with a lot of definition and clarity. For tightly focused image, you can turn the microphone to 90 degrees or turn it to 120 degrees for the purpose immersive wide-angle stereo.

· Removable Spacer, Extended Connector – the zoom iQ6 features a removable spacer and an extended Lightning connector, this allows it to be used with most IOS devices.

· Headphone out and microphone in – the stereo microphone features a three-segment level LEDs and a large MIC GAIN wheel, both of which allow for great audio captioning, regardless of the environment. Even in loud concerts, the device is capable of capturing high quality audios without signal overload and with crystal clarity. The iQ6 also features a dedicated headphone jack. The headphone jack also doubles up as a line output.

The Zoom iQ7

The iQ7 features advanced features and a condenser mid-side microphone. Both of these allow you to capture outstanding stereo recordings on your IOS device. It is best suited for adding high-quality audio to your device and capturing music.

Some of the outstanding features of this device include:

· Comprehensive control

With the iQ7, you can easily create extraordinary stereo recordings, regardless of the environment. Part of this may be attributed to its comprehensive controls. It features a large MIC GAIN knob that faces the front. This knob may be used to adjust the optimum input level.

The iQ7 also has a three-segment LED level meters, that are used to remove signal overload from the recordings and ensure that the sound is crisp and clear.

· Mid-Side recording. This is an advanced recording technology, which allows you to vary the stereo image, even in post-production.

The Zoom iQ6 and iQ7 stereo microphones were primarily designed to address the microphone problem in IOS devices. With these microphones, you can capture crystal clear sound or videos with high quality sound.

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