Dubsmash App Free Download – 5 Tips Content Marketers Need to Know About the Selfie Video App


Lip-syncing is taking the people by storm.

Despite the fact that Dubsmash offers us a fun yet juvenile service, are there any chances of it to live longer? Dubsmash had to attract the people with three launches and not one. Moreover, it is already in the news for infraction of exclusive rights, as it uses unlicensed audio songs from the movies and famous dialogs of the top actors. However, there are less chances of Dubsmash to go down with infringement as almost every celebrity is enjoying this app and it has gone viral like a wild fire. It would be difficult to tame the engaging app that is being used by over billions of people worldwide. The content marketers must need to understand a few things before they take it down.

The Number of Users

More than twenty five million people have downloaded Dubsmash. It topped the app charts in its home country, Germany and later crawled to the first position of the play stores through 29 countries. Why are people so crazy with this app? One of the reasons for this can be that people get a hang of it in a little faster way than the usual apps and can push the work behind them to enjoy lip-syncing.

Celebrities are the Biggest Fans

Right from Salman Khan to Rihanna, every celebrity is trying to lip-sync his or her favorite songs or movie dialog. Rihanna is all set to make people Dubsmash as much as possible. Not only Bollywood or Hollywood, but even the actors across the globe are Dubsmashing and making the videos live.

Not a Social Sharing App

Dubsmash is not a social sharing app but you can create any video and share it with as many people as possible. You do not have photos of exotic locations, timeline to run through or any content to read and acknowledge. With this app, you can upload the videos; share it through different social networking sites and chatting apps. It has been recorded that no lesser than four hundred thousand videos were uploaded on only the Instagram platform. These videos were tagged with #dubsmash(homecountry) such as #dubsmashindia, #dubsmashegypt.

Different than the Rest

The lip-syncing app has taken all the good traits from rest of the social sharing apps such as adding texts like Snapchat, producing videos as we do it on Vine or adding a variety of filters as on Instagram. However, it is a fun app unlike the rest. Right from choosing of the audios from Dubsmash’s library to sharing the dubbed videos online is a roller coaster ride. In addition to that, the slow increase in number of likes and shares you get on those videos make you excited and fill you with adrenaline rush.

Waiting for the Brand

The celebrities may have taken a little more interest than expected in Dubsmash; however, none of the actual news making brands has taken part in it. Once, they join Dubsmash, there is hardly any chance of it going down unless it creates any serious havoc.

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