Top Cydia Tweaks iOS 8 Lockscreen For Your iPhone Or iPad

If you recently bought the latest iPhone 6, or an iPad Air 2 which already came installed with iOS 8, or if you have an older iDevice and you upgraded to iOS 8, here are some cool Ctdia tweaks for your Lockscreen.


It’s a free tweak with which you can launch up to 12 applications from the Lockscreen of your iPhone. After installing it, go to the Settings app to find its preference pane. From there, you will change the appearance of the icon, to be small, tiny or large. Also, you can add 3-6 applications per page and since it was created especially for Touch-ID supported devices, it can support passcodes.


It’s another free tweak, but its role is to add the Apple Pay touch animation to the Lockscreen and you will se your fingerprint confirmation. So, whenever you put your finger on the scanner to unlock your iPhone, you’ll see the animation and you’ll hear a confirmation sound. It takes only 2 seconds, but it’s a cool application that gives you the feeling that you’re using a futuristic device. However, the bag part is that it’s not compatible with iDevices that aren’t equipped with touch ID.


The last free recommendation changes completely the look of your Lockscreen, and it offers three features: Blur, Alpha and Passcode Button Rings, to overhaul the interface. When you make a new change to your Lockscreen, you’ll have to respring your phone.


This tweak costs $1.99 and it allows you to add up to nine contacts to your Lockscreen so you can call them without unlocking the iPhone. This tweak comes in handy if you have favorite contacts – family members or close friends and you don’t want to look for their names/number in your phonebook. To call them, swipe left on the Lock screen and tap on the name or image you’ll see on the display.

AndroidLock XT

It has the same price as LockSpeed, but its special ability is give an Android look to your iPhone or iPad’s passcode, and it works by connecting the right pattern – it can be a triangle, a square or the shape of a house.


You’ll spend $0.99 on this tweak and it’s role is to hide your notification, so they won’t be read by your curious friends who play with your device. To access the hidden notifications, just tap on the right side of your screen. Also, CleanLock will allow you to delete notifications from selected applications.


It costs exactly one dollar and for in exchange for this price, you’ll get to customize the font, color, size and the appearance of the clock from the Lockscreen. The slider can also be customized, and to do that, go to tweak’s preferences. In Settings app, you will be able to enable/disable the tweak.

IntelliScreenX 8

This tweak is much more expensive than the other examples, costing $7.99, but it offers many features, such as quick access to many applications, from within an application or from the lockscreen. You can read your email, delete it or mark it read, you can compose an email and send it, or view incoming emails from the notification center. You’ll read your Facebook comments, write comments or like other user’s posts. Also, you’ll have access to your Twitter account and read tweets from the people you’re following.

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