Clash of Clans – Top 20 Best Tips and Tricks

Clash of Clans is a MMO Real Time Strategy developed by Supercell and played by millions of players from all over the world. It was firstly released for iOS and a few months later it was available for Android also. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you out in your Clash of Clans journey.

1. Walls

Build and upgrade walls as fast as possible because they will help you to defend your village better. You will want to place them around important buildings such as Town Hall, Storages and Defensive buildings. In the first levels you will not be able to surround all the buildings so you will want to keep the unimportant buildings outside, such as: Barracks or Army Camps.

2. Lightning Spells

Once you get your lightning spells high, you can use 1 or 2 spells to destroy the enemy’s mortars, which are the highest threat for your army.

3. Trophies

Trophies might affect your farming in a positive or negative way. If you have a high Trophies score, you might start getting tough players and you will not be able to farm effectively. If you feel that you get too many dangerous enemies, try lowering your trophies intentionally by losing battles. To do this, look for a target and deploy one unit and, after that, surrender. Keep doing this until you get a Trophies range that allows you to farm resources with ease.

4. Free gems

If you reach 1250 Trophies you will unlock an Achievement which will give you 450 free gems. So if you need gems, you will want to farm until you get to that number of Trophies.

5. Farming Trophies

So, now that we told you about the Achievement which gives you 450 free gems, we will tell you how to easily farm them. To do this, you will have to look for players who left the game and can be destroyed with ease. These kinds of villages will have some weak defenses and a good amount of resources for you to steal.

6. Heroes

You can use your heroes defensively and offensively. This might sound good, but in case your hero is killed in a battle, you will have to wait a little longer until the hero is “regenerated”.

7. Surprise your attackers

You want to make use of the element of surprise. Use your hidden bombs, traps and Hidden Tesla in order to surprise your attackers and destroy their army with ease.

8. Joining a Clan

As soon as you can rebuild your Clan Castle, do it! This will allow you to join a Clan and to be able to raid with the clan members. You will have to support other clan members with troops, just like they will do for you.

9. Upgrading Troops

You can build troops at a lower price. Let’s say that you have 100 Barbarians of level 2, which will cost you 4000 elixirs. After you train them, upgrade the Barbarian troops to level 3, from your Laboratory. After you finish the research, all your 100 Barbarians will be of level 3, and you will win 2000 elixirs, because 100 level 3 Barbarians would normally cost you 6000 elixirs.

10. Getting attacked

The players will not be able to attack your village while you are online. However, if you don’t have the shield on while you are offline, they can attack you anytime they want. You can get a free shield by moving your Town Hall to an unsafe spot, and ask a friend to destroy it. You will lose some Trophies, but you’ll get a free shield, meaning that the players will not be able to attack you for a period of time while you are offline.

11. Troops

If you are new to Clash of Clans, it might sound strange when we’ll tell you that the troops that are deployed in a battle will be automatically lose even if they die or not in that raid. Make sure you deploy only the necessary troops; do not deploy more than needed, because those are lost troops (resources).

12. Troops from the Clan Castle

However, the troops that are in Clan Castle, which are deployed when others are raiding your village, will actually come back. Keep in mind that those troops will be deployed by other Clan Members. So, whoever survives the raid, will be ready for a next one.

13. Using Goblins to discover Hidden Teslasm traps and bombs

Goblins are the fastest troops from Clash of Clans and you can use them in order to trigger traps while running in your enemy’s base. Because they are so fast, the bombs will explode when they will be far away from them.

14. How to NOT defend your village

Some new players think that is good to place your base in a corner, hoping that their village will be protected by the edges of the map. The attackers can deploy their troops on the grass where you can’t create buildings. So no, you don’t want to do this!

15. Buildings that will still “function” while being upgraded

Most of the buildings that are upgraded will not “function” while being upgraded. However, there are still a few of them that will “function”. Here is a list of the buildings that will still “function” while being upgraded: Storage buildings, Army Camp and Clan Castles.

16. Canceling upgrades

You can cancel an ongoing upgrade of a building without losing any resources. However, the only things you cannot cancel are the troop upgrades from your Laboratory.

17. Troops from the Army Camps

The troops from your army camps will not “react” when your village will be attacked. Actually, they will not even exist when someone will attack you.

18. Getting experience easily

You can get experience without wasting too many resources, by just clearing the brush and the trees from your village and by “donating” troops to your Clan members.

19. Town Hall or village being destroyed

If your Town Hall is destroyed or the village is being destroyed by a percentage of 40-89% you will get a 12-hours shield and the players will not be able to attack you during this time. However, if you attack a player while having a shield, it will be canceled, and you will be vulnerable, again. By the way, if the village is destroyed more than 89%, you will get a 16-hours shield.

20. Upgrading bombs

Upgrade your bombs whenever you have the chance. Also, after you are attacked by someone and if the bombs or the traps are activated during the raid, you will have to re-activate them in order to work.

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