Facebook Messenger vs. LINE Messenger Battle Heats On, Top Features Discussed

The current generation of human beings is in love with instant messaging applications.

This is because these apps allow these millions of people to communicate with each other by sending messages that have no limits yet there is no extra cost incurred.

Some of the most commonly used instant messaging apps are Facebook Messenger and LINE Messenger. These two have a commanding user base that exceeds well over 1 billion people, when put together. Furthermore, there are a lot of similarities between LINE and Facebook Messenger; however, there is nothing that can be more deceiving than looking at the similarities of these two apps.

In actual sense, these two apps are very different from each other in the way they carry out their services. As a result, we have lined up for you a comparison of these two apps and what they have to offer to the masses around the world when it comes to internet communication.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the chat function of Facebook app for mobile. It came in to eliminate the complexities and clutter in this mobile app and for sure, it has succeeded in doing just that. The app already has a following of over 600 million people, all of whom are Facebook users.

To sign up for an account on Messenger, one needs to be a holder of a Facebook account. Just enter your Facebook login details into the app sign in page and you’ll be logged in.

User interface

The user interface you get with Messenger is a little straightforward, with the messages listed in a chronological order, with the most recent appearing first. When you notice a green dot against a user’s name, it suggests that this person is online. Honestly, this UI is not that hard to navigate and find what you want. Everything is right where you need it to be.


Facebook Messenger can be used to exchange instant messages that include videos, texts, voice notes as well as photos. There are a lot of stickers and emoticons that can be included in these messages. Furthermore, this Messenger lets users make free voice and video calls to others. Just recently, Facebook Messenger introduced support for third party apps, something that has seen introduction of gaming platforms within this app.

LINE Messenger

LINE is a product of Japan and for sure, this app is very popular in its home country. However, it has managed to spread its wings to other parts of the globe that include UK, China and the U.S., among other countries around the world.

When this app first came in, it was meant to offer quick and easy communication for those who were affected by the tragic earthquake that hit Japan a few years ago and destroyed its entire communication system. People saw the good in this app and it continued its dominance even after the disaster had been effectively managed and now it is a huge threat to the popular Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.

User interface

The user interface you get on LINE is very simple and easy to use, offering a clean homepage with sections like Friends, Chats, Timeline and others. LINE comes with an integrated camera as well as icons, which lie within the app. There is no doubt that any person who is new to the smartphone world will have a good time using LINE.


To start you off, you must first of all sign up for a LINE account using your phone number. The number will then be verified and you will be set. Alternatively, you can register for an account using an email address.

Using LINE, you will be able to exchange voice, video, text and photo messages as well as enjoy live voice and video chats with other LINE users. LINE comes with one of the best and most intelligent sticker collections from which you can choose what you like and use it in messages. Some of these stickers are free while the others must be paid for. The quality of calls you get with this app is however a little lower than what Messenger offers, both in voice and video setups.

LINE users can play games against each other during calls and thus eliminate the boredom of just having to talk to each other.

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