Viber Free Voice Calling vs WhatsApp Voice Calls – Who’s the Ultimate Winner

Viber has been the go to solution for voice calls after Skype but a new competitor has joined the race.

With millions of subscribers, WhatsApp is a seriously strong competition but who is the ultimate winner? Let’s compare the pros and cons of both these services.

The time when people had to spend hundreds to make calls to other countries is long gone. Now, you can easily text a friend or call them in any country. Only data charges matter which wouldn’t be too high especially when you are connected to a wireless network. With so many advantages, Viber was the first to introduce the amazing feature to smartphone users. Everyone simply loved it which is why it became so popular in the first place. The addition of stickers and public chat rooms added value to the already great app. It is also available in multiple platforms.

Stability and Reliability

In terms of stability, both Viber and WhatsApp are real tough competitors. But, we can’t conclude it right away because not the entire user base is using the new voice calling feature on WhatsApp. However, majority of them have been trying it out in the past few days after the company rolled out the newest version. Both of them are equally reliable so far and are stable apps. We hardly encountered any crashes in Viber for many years and the same goes for WhatsApp as well. It is hard to conclude a winner here. Maybe, after a couple of months, we could confirm if the new competitor lives up to the expectation.

Call Quality

Because of their years of expertise in the field, Viber easily wins in their area. They offer HD quality calls on most devices whereas WhatsApp is still to catch up in this area. They are new to the field and is yet to roll out the feature to all of their users. Once they complete the initial task, they may focus on increasing the quality. For now, it is decent and when we made a test call, the conversation was audible and didn’t had any distortions.

User Interface

Viber has a more sophisticated user interface while WhatsApp focuses on simplicity. Most users love simple but for owners who have high end smartphones, more options is mandatory. In this scenario, WhatsApp wins.

The ultimate winner is Viber, without a doubt because they offer an amazing call experience at the moment but this might change in coming months.

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