Top 5 Google Hangouts Free Download Tips and Tricks

Internet communication has grown to become the main form of communication today.

The growing number of mobile applications capable of offering users with quality instant messaging and VoIP services keeps bringing newer and better features to this platform.

Google has not been left behind in this niche and it has a very attractive offering in the shape of Google Hangouts. This application came in to take the place of Google Talk, which also offered pretty much the same services. However, Google Hangouts has more to offer than what GTalk offered its users. Furthermore, this application is not just used by individuals for keeping in touch with each other.It has instead turned out to be a very important business tool for many business personnel.

Google Hangouts is kind of new to the fold and in order to get the most out of it, here are our top 5 tips and tricks that you can use and subsequently improve your Google Hangouts experience.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can make use of keyboard shortcuts in performing quite a number of tasks when using Google Hangouts. To activate this feature, simply type a question mark. You can use it to turn the microphone on and off when in a conversation. Furthermore, handling the web came becomes much easier with the help of keyboard shortcuts. In addition, it is possible to access older chat messages on Hangouts even when on a call using keyboard shortcuts.

Using commands

It is now possible to send messages when in a group conversation using Google Hangouts thanks to the commands feature. All you need to do is type “/to” before the name of the individual you want to send the personal message to. More commands are availed to you as long as you type “/?” while in Google Hangouts.

Using headsets when on voice calls

Google Hangouts is an instant messaging app that also offers free voice and video calling services. Even though you can still enjoy voice conversations using the default microphone and speaker on your laptop, it is advisable to make use of headsets so as to get rid of the echoes and thus improve feedback.

Limit data usage

Data usage is a very sensitive matter when it comes to online communication. The costs of data can be negligible if well handled.However, they can at times be overwhelming and in such cases, you need to keep an eye on your data usage. To limit the amount of data used during Google Hangouts voice and video calls, you can choose anything that lies between HD-quality video calls and just voice calls.

 Screen sharing

Sharing of screens has made Skype a very popular app in the corporate world. It seems Google Hangouts is ready to compete with Skype on this front by allowing users to share screens and thus ease the process of giving presentations.

To share a screen in Hangouts, simply click on “Screenshare” from the menu on the left and choose from the available options. You can share one or two windows or even share the entire screen.

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