How to Install The Google Now Launcher For Android

Google Now comes standard in most smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system today. However, older devices might lack this incredibly useful launcher. All Android devices with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher can utilize this program, though. Users can download the app from the Google Play Store with ease. By using Google Now, users can improve their search experience and control their device with their voices.

Here’s a quick download and installation guide for this app on Android smartphones or tablets:

What is Google Now?

The Google Now Launcher acts as a combination voice assistant and search tool. With this app, users can search through Google and their own device for information. Voice features allow users to access the launcher without touching the screen. Voice capabilities can even be used to operate the phone. For instance, users can send texts or place calls with their voices. Google Now comes with some great features, and the convenience afforded by the launcher is unbeatable.

How to Install Google Now

If a device doesn’t have Google Now by default, then users will have to download this program. It’s available for devices running Android 4.1 and above, so other users are out of luck. Currently, the Google Now Launcher is available for free in the Play Store. A user needs to search for the launcher and then find its download page. The app will download and install within a couple minutes because the file is quite small. Most connections can download the launcher within a few seconds, but download speeds and times may vary.

Google Now is housed on a device’s leftmost home screen and takes up the entire panel. For initial setup, users will have to login to their Google accounts to get started. Then the launcher will ask a person about their search preferences and what they want to see here. The software actually learns a user’s habits in real time. Therefore, more content will display on the launcher as time goes on. Users will even find that the targeted content is quite accurate to what they want to read, watch, and know about.

Getting The Most Out Of This App

With the Google Now Launcher, users can get the information they need when they want it. A user can find sports scores automatically included here. The same applies to flight times, local travel times, and so much more. By setting more preferences, users will receive more information from the launcher. Even search history is incorporated to provide users with pertinent news articles and content. Enabling more features in the app produces an even better experience, too.

Just Say “OK, Google” and Search Away!

A user can control Google Now with their voice or a device’s touchscreen. Either way, this voice assistant and search tool is quite powerful. Millions of people use the launcher, whether their device comes with it standard or not. Google continues to improve Google Now, and new features are added on a regular basis. In the end, each Android user should consider this app a must-have for their device.

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