Clash of Clans Ultimate 5 Strategies To Make You Reach The Top

Clash of Clans has gained its notoriety due to the fact that children can play it and because you will get hooked on it immediately. Especially when you play it with friends and you all form one big happy clan.

The game’s options are very simple, however there are some stratagems that will help you be the best. Here is a short list of the best stratagems you can put to good use:

1. Improve resource collector and build-up your storage

Clash of Clans is game that is based on having lots of resources at hand. Such a game requires one to obtain multiple resource collectors, that is if you want to advance. Raiding villages and getting yourself an army is a good game plan, but you can’t waste your precious minutes just sitting around for the resources to show up. Start off by increasing the number of Elixir as well as Gold collectors. Make sure you balance the collectors as often as you can. The same stratagem should be applied for your storage units. And this is also crucial if you want to move-up your Town Hall. In order to get those amazing Town Hall updates, a player must gather big quantities of important resources.

2. Keep adversaries away from the village

Once you increase your level, this means you get full access to other fun elements. So this will also lead to building a bigger area. You can have fortified walls because now you have a lot more space. But this also means outsiders. So, you will have to find a way to actually fill up the gaps between the walls or you can rearrange and move them somewhere else. Even the smallest hole can cause problems.

3. Gemstones are everywhere

Removing unwanted or unnecessary items from your land doesn’t take too long, but it will require you to spend a few of your resources. For those who are playing at a low level, this is a pretty costly move. You will have 40 “stumbling blocks” to move passed, some of them might reappear out of the blue, so be on the lookout for those. If you start this clean-up process, you will get lots of gems and you will also gain more experience. But once everything is removed from the map, you have to start constructing the actual village.

4. Ask your clan to lend you a hand

Do you see the little Clan Castle symbol? It’s not there just for fun. Use it if you want to level up in this game. If you managed to acquire soldiers in your clan castle, go ahead and put them to good use. Of course, the first step is to actually ask for soldiers from your fellow players. Whatever you get, be thankful! If your Clan Castle is at a higher level, you should be able to have more soldiers and if not this means you are still at an inferior level and you need to put more heart into it.

5. Use shield time wisely!

Clash of Clans is a great game because it also grants users the possibility of buying more shield time. This means others can’t lead an attack on you. Every time you have suffered a defeat, the Clash of Clans gives gamers a shield for several minutes to help them regain their strengths. Both of these variants will disappear if you are ready to start attacking other gamers, but if you can’t handle another attack the shied time will come in handy. Use it wisely friend!

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