Top 5 Free Best Antivirus Security Apps For Your Smartphones

If you are a proud owner of a smartphone, then you are aware that your phone security is paramount especially where performance is concerned.

Different software security companies have come up with different Apps to protect your smartphone from malware and your personal data from fraudsters.

While some companies charge up to $30 a year for their security Apps, there are many Apps that are available for free so you have no excuse where your phone security is concerned.

Below are the top 5 free best antivirus security apps for your smartphones:

  1. Lookout

Lookout works both as an antivirus and as an anti-spyware. Once you install this App in your smartphone, it scans all the programs installed to ensure that your data is protected. This App also scans any new App that you try to install while still offering you the chance to conduct scheduled scans on your phone for maximum security.

The App comes with an additional feature that enables you to locate your phone via Google maps even when the GPS is turned off. You can also backup your contact data through GPS location.

  1. Avast! SecureLine VPN

This is one great innovation produced by the PC anti-virus giant. The App is effective in preventing virus and other types of intrusion on your smartphone. This App provides privacy reports, call and short message filtering services and is a powerful anti-spyware application. The App also comes with an anti-theft module that works by identifying trusted SIM cards and either lock the phone or set off an alarm anytime a different SIM card not in the trusted list is used.

  1. Comodo Mobile Security

This free App comes with a number of utilities that are designed to ensure maximum protection of your smartphone and also maximum privacy especially where phone data is concerned. One huge advantage with this App is that it is absolutely free without premium services that you need to pay for to enjoy the App fully.

  1. LastPass

This is another innovative App that makes remembering all your mobile devices passwords much easier considering the complex passwords we come up with to increase our smart phones’ security. With this App all you have to do is to remember your last password to be able to access all your mobile devices.

  1. Sophos Antivirus and security

This is one among the simplest security Apps available but it gets the job done. Sophos has come up with a free add on that strengthens this App and protect it against attacks. Other features include a loss and theft feature that comes with an alarm and a locate option, a scanner and a spam protection feature.

These top 5 free best antivirus security apps for your smartphones discussed above represents just a fraction of the free security mobile devices App out there. Do your research on the different Apps and how they work to fulfill your security requirements and depending on your smartphone. With all the options out there you are sure to get a security App that meets most if not all your requirements.

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