3 Skype Tips to Let You Know if your Friend Blocks You


When Skype is mentioned anywhere, what immediately comes to every person’s mind is making voice and video calls over the internet.

This is at least if you are part of the highly technological era that has stormed the current world in full swing; an era that has seen the emergence of the VoIP industry where people can make calls over the internet using smartphones and computers, among many other devices that are available today.

Skype has been around for a while and in this business of making calls over the internet, it has what it takes, when matters of quality are on the table. It is a great way in which you can use to stay connected with your friends and family, with just a touch of the button and a reliable internet connection. Unlike using local mobile carriers for making calls to a friend living overseas at very high costs, it is now cheaper and very affordable to make calls to your friends. The only cost you incur is from your carrier regarding the data plan you use for internet connection, nothing else.

The Bitter Truth

So, how will it feel to know that someone has blocked you or deleted your number from their list of contacts in Skype? As a matter of fact, Skype stores all contacts and when a user logs in, all the stored contacts are listed. When a friend blocks or deletes you from their Skype contacts list, it hurts to find out yes, especially if this person was so dear to you or you two had lots of regular chats; but still, you can know when this has happened.

There are things you can look out for in order to know if someone has blocked or deleted you on Skype. In order to know this, here are 3 tips you can use.

Look out for the” X” Symbol

When you log in to your Skype account, your list of contacts will load and after it’s done, check for the icons beside the names of your friend. If he or she has blocked you, instead of their picture appearing; you may notice a grey icon appearing like an “X”. Better still, you may see a green tick mark or in some cases a grey question mark. No matter the reason, any of these will mean that your friend has deleted you.

Look out for your Friend’s Profile Picture

Even if your friend has blocked or deleted you from their Skype account or contacts, you still haven’t deleted or blocked him or her. You still have their names in your Skype contacts. However, when you click on any of their names to look at their profiles, you won’t see any picture even if you had saved them with one. Instead, you’ll see the default picture of Skype. This is another bold indicator that your friend has blocked or deleted you.

Check out for Previous Conversations  

Skype is an intelligent tool that can make you look intelligent too. Since you still have the name of your friend in your Skype contacts, try sending them an instant text message. If, by any chance, your friend has blocked or deleted you, you won’t be able to see the history of the message you sent. Furthermore, your messages will appear to be processing but never end the process or in other cases, the message appears undelivered. Immediately you try these for several times and the same keeps happening, you can conclude that your friend has blocked you or deleted your names from their Skype contacts list.

The Verdict

Now that you have found out your friend has blocked you on Skype, you needn’t be hasty. Maybe it’s by accident this has happened. Whether it’s accidental or intentional, when you make calls using Skype, whether personal or business calls; all your conversations can be revisited. However, once a contact blocks or deletes you, all these important conversations will appear inexistent.

The good news is that even if someone blocks you, you can still have a backup of these conversations thanks to the Skype recorder tool that has the capability of recording Skype voice and video calls. For your friend, you may have to find better ways of resolving your issues.

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