Top 4 Reasons Android M Will be Better Than iOS 9

Apple just released its latest version of the iOS ecosystem, the iOS 9, and it is stunning.

The iOS 9 is arguably the best we’ve seen so far from Apple, and there are many reasons to love it. Google, on the other hand, is expected to release Android M, the latest version of the Android OS sometime by the end of the year. By all means, the Android M should be better than iOS 9, and here are four reasons why.


Apple will never let its users tweak the OS and make it look how they want. Apple’s response to Google’s customization of Android M and other android ecosystems is “why tweak something that is so perfect”? Well, some users like to make their OS a bit more personal and different. Android  M can be customized to its bare essentials, while iOS 9 offers no such thing.

Adjustable OS

One of the things that make the android ecosystem so good is the integration of all Google apps and their data sharing. The result is that your apps and smartphone adjusts to your daily needs and preferences. Apple, on the other hand, strives to “protect the privacy of its users”. The Cupertino based company has made some improvements with iOS 9, as Siri adjusts to how you use your phone, but it is far from the likes of Android M. Google has always had a “Big brother” approach to the way it stores data. Google and its algorithms try to deliver the best user friendly experience to users, but also make money from advertising.

Open Source and Free

The essence of Android M is to be an open source operating system and free for all. This allows everyone to tweak and improve the experience. On the other hand, iOS 9, like previous Apple operating systems, is of closed nature. Basically, you cannot share much with people who do not own an iOS 9 device. Apple wants to make its OS exclusive, but that is why Android M will always be better.

Play Store > App Store

Because Android M is open source, there are more applications in the ecosystem. Google’s Play Store is much bigger store than the App Store, the one that iOS 9 users have access to. In the App store, you will mostly find costly applications, while the Play Store is crowded with free aps for almost every kind. Android M benefits greatly from all those apps and the advantage it gives to the OS.

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