Minecraft PS4 Update Release Date

Many fans are anxiously awaiting the new update for Minecraft on PS4. The release date is still unknown to many, but it should be coming next week. This is due to tweet from 4J Studios stating that, “No news yet on the update for PlayStation platforms. We hope to have news early next week.”

The Xbox One and also Xbox one 360 have already received their updates which includes horses, an update colored clays, tutorials, new mobs, and others. These are just to name a few. Minecraft PS4 Edition, along with the other PS Editions will have to wait a bit longer.

Do not be dismayed, though, the wait will be worth it. There is quite a list of changes, updates, and advancements coming with the next update. The December update is to be released very soon, perhaps this week.

In the meantime there is no shortage of speculation as to what the new release will include. New items that have been added to the game include Hardened and Stained Clay, Hay Bale, Daylight Sensor, Dropper, Hopper Minecart, and a Pressure Plate which is weighted. These are alongside others such as a Trapped Chest, Firework Rocket or Star, Nether Star, Horse Armor and Horse Spawn Egg.

There are even new mobs being added called Wither, Wither Skeletons, Witches, Bats and Horses, Donkeys and Mules.

Of course there’s a lot of fresh new content:

  • Witch Huts are being added as new terrain generation
  • The old tutorial world has been replaced with a new tutorial world. This new world even contains new mini-tutorials for and even easier user experience.
  • Beacon, Horse, and Hopper interfaces have been added.
  • A fireworks interface has been added as well. This interface will be accessible form the crafting table and you will be able to craft a star or rocket firework.
  • A new “Adventure Mode” is added to the game which enables you to only break blocks if you have the right tools.
  • Many new sounds have been added.
  • Now items, mobs and also projectiles are able to pass through the portals.
  • You can now lock repeaters through inserting the sides with other repeaters.
  • Zombies and Skeletons will start spawn which has a various kinds of armor and weapons.
  • The death messages have been updated.
  • Bonemeal now causes things to randomly grow in stages instead of instantly growing everything.
  • You can now place a redstone comparator right directly against an object to describe the composition of brewing stand, chest, dispensers, and jukeboxes.

Although update 19 has not been released for Playstation, it will be released soon. A spokesperson for the game has been stated saying, “We’re working with Sony to release it as soon as we can so it’s the same as Xbox platforms.”

So, we have updates coming from all angles and much as we can gather speculation and rumors, until we get the new game in our hands and see it for ourselves, it remains speculation.

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