iOS 8.4 Beta 3 Version Update Download – New Music App, Sneak Peek

The following news is stirring some waves right now. Developers will be happy to hear about Apple’s beta 3 version launch. This is just before the WWDC convention. Along with this new beta launch, Apple also launches a pretty cool and updated Music application. This new application will have enhanced features as well as a smoother design. All of these features and a new iTunes streaming service will be incorporated into the app and reveled pretty soon. Users will also get to experience awesome playlist characteristics as well as faster access to iTunes Radio. You will also see a brand new list of Artists and Songs as well as More buttons added into My Music section. Here you can see your Recently Added music followed by a short list, which you can arrange in alphabetical order. You can set up this list by Artist, then Album, Song and so on. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Of course, all of this and more will be showcased in June at the WWDC. Users can  get their hands on the app, probably at the end of June.

This new streaming service will have to wrestle Spotify. This service will include free trials which will last between 1 and 3 months. This is a well planned strategy to build up and convince users to opt for the paid variant.

But the developers that have joined this iOS beta lineup, can quickly test the iOs 8.4 beta 3. It should be available in Software Update.

And we have more good news. Apple also launched a brand new beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. If you want to get your hands on this version, it is imperative to be enrolled as a beta user and have other previous versions of the beta, if you want to test it out (look for 14E17e). Check the Mac App Store’s Update to see if there is any upgrade ready to be set-up. Rumor has it, that with this new beta release, Apple will be fixated on the Photos app, Migration Assistant and the Hebrew&Arabic language feature.

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