Is Samsung Galaxy S6 the Guiding Star of Samsung Mobile?

On April 10, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy S6, which is an answer to its U.S. rival’s smartphone known as the iPhone 6, which is manufactured by Apple.

This product was first launched at the start of the last month and it is only until a few days ago that the first of these devices got into the hands of the users.

While many Samsung enthusiasts had been expecting this device to come a little earlier, they now have it and you can get it too. The latest Galaxy S iteration is now available in over 20 countries and with this smartphone; you will have a phone that comes with a new and revamped design that features a sleek look or rather profile.

Samsung is banking on the Galaxy S6

Samsung definitely has a lot riding on the back of the Galaxy S6. They are expecting that unlike the Samsung Galaxy S5, customers of this new flagship will enjoy this new product and in the long run, this will play a huge role in rebuilding the earnings of the company that had begun to show deteriorating signs.

The Galaxy S6 is designed with a strong impression and unlike the previous version which was very unpopular with many reviewers, this device has already gained popularity among many experts, with some of them already labeling it as one of the best, if not the best smartphones of 2015. This is not the ‘stale’ Galaxy S5 that many made fun of; instead, Samsung has decided to go for something different than usual with this new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Changes in design and body material

All these changes can be attributed to the fact that this Korean giant saw a decline in its sales that were heavily as a result of the introduction of the larger iPhone 6 smartphones. These Apple products were responsible for this decline in Samsung’s phablet market. The company was also not done any favors in the lower spectrum of the market as Chinese phones are flooding the market, offering the users with some amazing specs, but at very cheap prices.

The end result was a change in the design of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as its material composition. The Galaxy S6 is very slim with its 6.8mm thickness, which is almost 20% thinner than the previous Galaxy S5. However, this has had a massive effect on the overall design of the phone as it forced the company to introduce a non-removable battery unit to this flagship. So, unlike previous versions which had battery units that could be swapped, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 has taken the path of Apple and its iPhones.

You will also come across a new body material as opposed to the usual plastic that has been dominating Samsung Galaxy series smartphones. The new model features an aluminum frame in addition to a tempered glass back, which gives the phone a glistening appearance and high quality robustness.

Even though the Galaxy S6 has received many positive remarks from many experts, it won’t be an easy sail for Samsung as the phablet market has already received other high quality products in the shape of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with quite a good number of features. However, there is still some room for improvement and this will definitely come in the future versions. We have already seen a different thing with the Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a dual-edge display and more is expected.

However, you can still get the latest Samsung flagship from around $599 for the 32GB model.

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