Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18 – Update & Release Date Rumors

Conan O’Brien once reviewed Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and of all the people I know, he seems to be the only one who never had a single penchant for the game.

But, for us gamers, we have not only the keen eye for the aesthetics of the game, but a more profound view in assessing game. Only we can really understand the seemingly inexplicable beauty of Minecraft that draws us into the grasp of this amazingly curated game. Nevertheless, 4J Studios still continues to pursue giving new experiences to Xbox 360 users, which is a big hooray for us who can’t afford the new gen console yet.

Update Release Rumors for Minecraft Xbox 360

4J Studios has decided to tease its fan base with an upcoming Title Update 18 for Minecraft altogether with the release of the game’s version for the Playstation 4, PS Vita and the Xbox One. What will come of the TU18 will be new and awesome patches. They are even hinting a launch of the Skyrim Mash Up Pack for 360. As to the truth of this would-be heartening news, we are yet to find out.

Relevant Pointers of the TU18 Release

Take note that currently, there are confusions pertaining to the next Minecraft update as to what it would be its official name. Back in May, 4J Studios release the official TU16 for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Since then, three patches have been released to home gaming consoles with one of the patches being for the Vita. What we’re basically trying to say is that for the 360, it will either be the TU17 or the TU20 granted the TU18 is already set for the new gen consoles. The issue, however, is that on a Minecraft Forum posted by 4J Studios, they have also been hinting why the TU18 will be edged towards PS3 and 360.

The Possible Meaning of the Hints

Basically, if the TU18 will be indeed for the PS3 and Xbox 360, that goes to say it will receive the Skyrim Mash Up Pack, which would be a total bliss for the avid fanbase. While this remains a rumor, a certainty the studios had spoken is that it will indeed be up for the PC regardless of what gen consoles would be officially commissioned of the patch update.

The Highlights of the TU18

Minecraft’s very essence lies on the infinite craftiness the gamers can pursue. On that note, the contents of the upcoming update will definitely be of great import: The Redstone Update, The Horse Update, and the Pretty Scary Upgrade. Apart from the typical farm animals and skeletons wielding bows and quivers of arrows, there’s definitely a lot more to expect ranging from vampirical bats to cows, donkeys and horses.

There are also rumors of a lochness monster to be coming out somewhere along the conclusive polishing of the update. Furthermore, these can be all be taken to advantage by any player in advancing through the tougher layers of the game as much as these would add up to a fun, more colorful and totally exciting experience.

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