How to Recover Deleted Photos in Mac OS X in Photos App

Mac OS X has its own versatile Photos App that is made in keeping you in mind. Using it there are endless moments when you have to delete a photo first, and then regret later. Sometimes you delete them by your own will and at times the regret is higher after you delete a picture by mistake. Well these regrets can be eliminated if you are a regular user of Photos App on your Mac OS X. Photos app is loaded with a unique feature that can turn the time around and enable you to retrieve your deleted photos.

There are few limitations that you have to consider before we tell you how to restore your deleted photos or videos. Let us first teach you how you can access the recently deleted images and how to restore them from your Photos app on your Mac OS X.

Step 1:  Open the Photos app on your Mac OS X (I know that is pretty obvious)

Step 2:  Pull down the File menu from the top and select Show Recently Deleted. Clicking it will take you to the recently deleted album that is usually hidden on your Photos app

Step 3:  Select the photos or videos that you want to restore by clicking on them. Notice that the picture you select should have a blue checkmark on its bottom right

Step 4:  Now you have to look for a button on top right of your Photos app that says Restore. Clicking it will bring all the deleted photos back to their original album path from where they were deleted earlier

Step 5:  Once you are done, Clicking on Photos or Albums will exit you from Recently Deleted tab and will take you back to home page

You can use this feature for unlimited number of times until the image expires from deleted photos. To check its expiry, you can notice a timer sort of thing indicating how much life this image is left with. You can restore the picture before the time runs out. That is a limitation though but still not that much bad.

By default, images are kept in the Recently Deleted album for 30 days or until the storage capacity of your Mac can support. The storage gets full, or 30 days are over, the image is going to get deleted permanently from app and you will not be left with any other option but to regret. So you need to be smart and witty to recover your photos.

By the way, you can also restore pictures that are deleted from Aperture Library or what you can say imported pictures. They can be restored in the similar way as you do for general photos and videos that get deleted from Photos app. But remember these are the only sources from which it will recover the picture and video file and will not support and recover photos deleted by any other app.

If you have an iOS device, an iPhone or an iPad, there Photos app works exactly same as it works on Mac OS X. Both of these devices are equipped with time constraint recovery mode in their Photos app.

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