Why Waze Can Never Replace Google Maps?

A lot of people are confused that Google Maps has a tough competition from Waze because the latter is being updated by real people in real time and has some unique features. But, here’s why they should not be.

First of all, it is good if you know that Google has acquired Waze a long time back and continues to support the development from the back end. They didn’t simply acquire it because they feared it might threaten the very existence of Google Maps but for an altogether different reason.

In fact, both these apps could easily co-exist with one another because their design and purpose is entirely different. They are not competitors but actually two different programs that you should have in your smartphone to make sure you are being guided in the right direction.

Long Journeys

Google Maps is your ideal partner when it comes to long journeys because unlike Waze, which is dependent only on individuals to update its database, Maps is being handled by a dedicated team as well as users contributing from around the globe. It gets all the updates including motels, gas stations, routes and everything else that you need to know when going on a long trip. Whereas, Waze is purely focused on making your local commuting easier, which may not be able to help you out when you are on a highway. Things change and this is how you should be using the app in the first place.

Finding Routes

Imagine you are in a completely new city and you need to find your way to a specific restaurant or an address. While Waze is popular, it can hardly reach the size and scale of Google Maps which has widespread popularity around the globe. Whichever country you go to, you will be able to find the exact route as well as alternative choices for the same location to make your travel easier. More new locations are being added to it on a daily basis by people in different continents which contributes to its overall growth.

Places to Explore

Combined with the power of Google Now and updates for Google Maps, you will now be able to find restaurants, movie theaters, pubs and everything else in a new city or country. Such features are not applicable for Waze which is more of a local commuting app powered by individuals in the locality. On the whole, Maps is a great travel companion for your long journeys.

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