The Sims 4 – Secrets, Top Tricks, Tips and Cheats

The Sims 4 is a game that many Sims franchise fans have been waiting for quite a while. Even if it didn’t have the best launch, as many features that were present in The Sims 3 were missing in The Sims 4, some of them we’re added and the players are pretty pleased with the game.

Today we’re going to give you some top tricks, tips and cheats that will help you enjoy The Sims 4 even more.

The beginning

The adventure with your new Sim will start in a Sunday morning, and you will notice that all your needs are already green. With other words, you will be able to enjoy the day the way you want.

We suggest you to pick up the phone and get a job and start working right in the next morning. You will be able to take a shower, eat, go to the bathroom for a few times, and then you can head to the local gym. Keep in mind that even if exercising and socializing with others is always fun, you won’t have enough time to do this every day, as you will have to work in the next morning and of course, you won’t have too much time for this, after work.

However, when the weekend comes, you can go to parties and have some fun all day long.

Using Moodlets 

Your Sims will always be in a mood or another. It can be sad, angry, tensed or happy. Along with these 4 base moods, there is also a feature called Moodlets (like mini-moods). For example, if you will go to the bathroom with your Sim and brush its teeth, then your character will become more confident, which is a great thing for work. So, always remember to brush your Sim’s teeth in the morning! Moodlest will cause your Sim to have some custom interactions and activities that you will be able to choose from, so always check out what Moodlets you have!

Satisfaction Points and Whims

Satisfaction Points and Whims are very important things in this game. Whenever you want, you can look at your Sim’s portrait and go to the left hand corner and check up your three Whims. Some are generic and might be harder to achieve but most of them are driven by Moodlets.

Make sure you check up your Whims often and if you can complete one from there, then do it in order to earn some Satisfaction Points. In case you notice that a Whim is too difficult, just close it and check later when another one comes.

Picking up helpful traits

There are many traits that you can give to your Sim, some of them being very helpful to your character along with its family and friends.

These traits can be: Romantic, Active, Ambitious, Genius, etc. Just pick up the traits that you think your Sim will need.


You will have to “solve” the needs of your Sim. In order to resolve fast some issues that your character has, and which is affecting its mood, just check your Sim’s needs and fix them as soon as possible. Each need will be green, yellow and red (where the red color means that requires immediate attention!).

Placing windows with your “hand”

We suggest you to place your windows manually, as the game sometimes groups windows in an unappealing manner. Also, you can’t change the elevation of a group of windows, so you will just have to adjust each one manually.

Returning to The Sims 3 camera control

The camera controls in The Sims 4 can be quite glitchy sometimes. However, you can simply go to Settings Menu and switch the controls to The Sims 3 and you will be able to use the “old” controls once again. You will be able to change the camera pitch by just using the wheel/third mouse button.

The Sims 4 Cheats

In order to open the cheat command window on PC, you will have to use CTRL+Shift+C buttons, while on Mac you will use Command+Shift+C buttons.

Here are some cheating codes that you can use:

– kaching – get 1000 simoleans
– motherlode – get 50000 simoleans
– resetsim Simname – this will reset the selected Sim
– FPS – display the framerate
– households.autopay_bills – automatically pays the household bills
– careers.add_career”name” – Give your Sim a career (instead of “name” insert the career name).
– sims.remove_all_buffs – resetting your Sim’s emotions state to “Fine”.

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