WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger – Top 5 Alternatives For Free Download

Without any doubt, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two of the most used messaging applications. There are even rumors saying that these applications might merge very soon, since Facebook currently owns WhatsApp. However, if you don’t like any of these two applications, we offer you 5 alternative applications that you will most likely want to have them installed on your mobile device, but first of all let’s talk about instant messaging applications.

What are instant messaging applications?

The instant messaging applications are available for smartphones and use the internet connection (Wi-Fi or data carrier) to send messages, videos, voice clips and photos to your friends that use the same application. They save you for paying extra money to your carrier, since, instead for sending an SMS, you will just use your internet connection and talk with your friends with one of these applications. In addition, if the person will be from another country, it will not matter, since you are just using the internet connection to send the messages, photos, video or audio files.

Here are 5 alternatives for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp applications.


This application is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS and its popularity keeps growing, and soon enough this will be one of the solid WhatsApp rivals. The application was released in 2010 and in November 2013 it reached 100M users.

Kik allows you to send photos, videos and messages but at the same time the application comes with a built-in browser. The application is username-based, so you won’t need to have the phone number of the person you want to chat with.


WeChat is very popular in China, but it is a good WhatsApp alternative. Likewise on WhatsApp, to register on WeChat you will have to use your mobile phone number. After you register, you will be able to send photos, locations, messages and many more. At the same time, you can use WeChat to make audio and video calls, as a great alternative to FaceTime or Skype. WeChat is available for Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and iOS.


By using Tango, you will be able to send videos, pictures and messages along with voice calls and video calls. It also allows you to chat with Tango users that are nearby, which makes a good social application also. This way, you will be able to get in touch with people who are in the same club you are. Tango also comes with some games and music features, which you can enjoy using. The application is available for Kindle, Windows PC, Android, BlackBerry and iOS.


Viber is another application that is continuously growing in popularity. Viber is currently owned by Rakuten, the same company that is behind the Play website. You can use Viber to send pictures, videos, messages and also make voice calls. This application is available for Android, Blackberry and iOS.


Line is another application that allows you to send messages, photos and likewise WeChat it allows you to make video and voice calls. The application is available for Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac.

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