The PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Collaboration Has a Release Date

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The Dragon Ball anime franchise has millions of fans all over the world, so there’s no wonder why game developers try to integrate it into their virtual creations as well. After Fortnite added Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma to make it through its vast open world, it’s now time for PUBG Mobile to do something similar.

It has been known since last year that the vast open-world battle royale map of PUBG Mobile will also include the likes of Goku and Vegeta at one point. It was only a question of “when?,” and today, we finally have a compelling answer!

Dragon Ball joins PUBG on July 12

In less than a week, Dragon Ball fans who are also into playing PUBG Mobile will have the chance to see the new collaboration between the battle royale game and characters from the insanely-popular Dragon Ball anime.

The forthcoming partnership won’t include all of the Dragon Ball characters (there are literally hundreds of them, by the way). According to some sources, only Goku and Vegeta will be seen across the huge map of the battle royale game. The two beloved Saiyans will most probably shoot energy waves and fly at high speed. However, it would probably be more interesting for them to lose their powers and only use the weapons that everybody else is using in the game.

However, only time will tell for sure how exactly Dragon Ball will be adapted to the world of PUBG Mobile. It would be funny to see Master Roshi as well, along with his passion for… powerful guns. Bulma joining PUBG Mobile would also be interesting, as she doesn’t even have superpowers. Therefore, Vegeta’s wife would be more than suitable for becoming a combat warrior who uses weapons such as an AK-47, for instance.

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