Fallout 4 Release Date Announced In May 2016

Since the release of Fallout 3, each year has been another source of disappointment for the fans, as Bethesda has kept them waiting for a new installment. This year promised to be different, as rumors about a potential Fallout 4 release started to intensify, but it seems like Bethesda did it again, and fans might have to wait until May 2016.

The news about Fallout 4’s newest postponing come from a Bethesda insider. According to reliable sources, Bethesda has postponed the game for 2016,  and we won’t have any game samples or materials until May 2016. Fans were really excited about Bethesda participating at the 2015 edition of E3, with heavy speculations on how their participation is related to Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6. The information about Fallout 4’s 2016 plans are supported by Gino Cole, a member of the Fallout 4 developer team, which works for Bethesda.

Both Gino on his LinkedIn profile and the website Cyberland have touched on this subject, giving the whole story more credibility. According to these sources, Gino Cole has been on the Fallout 4 development team for about 4 years, so the project is going on for quite a while.

The last Fallout title was released in 2008, so in case you weren’t interested back then, you can pretty much get an idea of how bog of an impact the game made on both the gaming community and the market, since it’s heading for a release  8 full years later, with huge fan crowds still eager about it.

Although May 2016 hasn’t been penned in as the official release date, it’s all we got for the moment, until more news come in. It seems like the motive for the game being postponed yet again is a lack of equipment to deal with the program, so Bethesda might be looking towards the Nemesis software to solve this one.

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