‘Molly Medusa – Queen of Spit’ Has a Release Date for the PC

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Prepare to unleash your Medusa Curse and wield its power in the thrilling upcoming PC game known as ‘Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit’! Thus, you can immerse yourself in a world where anything living can be transformed into stone at the touch of a single glance. As you navigate through vast temples, you can be captivated by interconnected passages and mind-bending level designs that will push your abilities to their limits. But you must be careful with the gravity, as it’s not confined to its usual constraints. You can even walk on walls and ceilings as you explore every surface, turning the environment into your playground.

In your epic journey in ‘Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit,’ you will have to seek out powerful items that will aid you in your quest. These items serve a multi-faceted purpose, providing solutions to puzzles, enhancing combat prowess, and even empowering you for terrific boss fights.

‘Molly Medusa – Queen of Spit’ launches on September 6 for the PC

Here’s a quote coming from Jonas Ek, courtesy of TGG:

The Gothenburg-based (Sweden) indie games publisher Burning Planet Digital and indie games developer Neckbolt (Niklas Hallin), are today super thrilled and happy to announce that their gravity-bending 3D adventure “Molly Medusa – Queen of Spit” , is coming to PC via Steam on September 6th this year (2023).


To amplify the intensity of your adventure in ‘Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit,’ the game is accompanied by heavy metal music composed by the talented musicians of Burning Planet.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with ‘Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit’? That’s where exploration, power, and an enthralling soundtrack combine to create an extraordinary gaming experience. Surely you may already have an opinion about the upcoming game, so why not share it with us in the comment section?


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