WhatsApp for Business – A Powerful Business Tool in the Making

Today, there are over 800 million who use WhatsApp on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, there is an additional 1 million that sign up for the app on a daily basis, which makes WhatsApp one of the hottest business markets available today.

Facebook is one of the leading market places for major online platforms. This is because this social network has over 1.3 billion users, which is a very huge and diverse market for almost any form of business. WhatsApp has begun gaining ground on Facebook and before the year ends, it is expected that this Facebook-owned application will be enjoying a user base of at least 1 billion people from across the globe.

With such a huge population, WhatsApp is set to become the next big business market. Since this application connects people regardless of the country they are in, it can be very powerful if well implemented in business matters. This article tries to look at ways in which WhatsApp can help in improving the productivity of your business and in turn boost your income or revenue from the business entity.

WhatsApp for contacting and interacting with potential clients

Emails are very effective when it comes to business. However, not everyone checks their emails on a daily basis. On the other hand, WhatsApp is a phone based application that instantly delivers a message to a recipient as long as the phone is on and connected to the internet.

With such a tool, it is easy to let people know what is new in your company as well as talk more about what is currently on offer. This is possible through WhatsApp groups, where your clients can also contact you back easily with any questions about any product or service your business offers. If the contact has your business number, it is also possible for this person to directly contact you via WhatsApp and enjoy a private chat.

At the moment, there are hundreds or probably thousands of companies that make use of WhatsApp to advertise, offer consultation and other services. This makes customers feel more valued, something that is very positive to the development of the company.

WhatsApp is capable of sending different formats of messages, be it a text, photo, video or voice note. Using these aspects, you will be able to get to your clients and sell your idea or products in a much more profound manner. For instance, you can use videos or photos to show your customers how an item exactly looks like, how it works, as well as to explain a few things on how to get it up and running using voice notes. It is very easy for a user to reach the company using WhatsApp and make any review regarding the product or service being offered.

WhatsApp to emulate Facebook at Work

Facebook became a very popular social network until workers could not do their tasks accordingly just because they were Facebooking. This led to lots of companies closing down the Facebook website when using a PC connected to the work network. Facebook realized that it was about to lose clients and made a swift move by introducing a Facebook at Work messenger that allows users to still connect when working, using this app.

Now that Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp, we might soon see a new WhatsApp at Work or WhatsApp for Business app launch. This will ensure that office users stay on WhatsApp chats, but only for work-related activities.

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