WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus – Features Comparision

Claimed as the best mobile messaging App, WhatsApp has been a favorite for many people, having more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store.

The App has exclusive features, which are modest, but very handy, in terms of messaging, via the net. There has been a recent release of an advanced version of WhatsApp, the WhatsApp+, which comes with a blue icon, compared to the green icon of the typical version.

Even though it has not been officially launched, and released, here is a sneak peek of the newest version of WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Plus is just but an advanced version of the WhatsApp, which was invented by Rafalete, back in 2012. It is free as well, though there is a dire anxiety about when it will be legally launched.

Here Are The Common Changes Of The WhatsApp+

The Visual Themes

One common thing that you will notice with the new version is the entire difference in the visual display, compared to the WhatsApp. With the W-Plus, you can select new visual themes and styles, and the themes are installed instantly from the app itself. There is a total of 700 themes, which are categorized in, version, name, date and downloads. For instance, there is a GTA V Plus skin, which you can use as a wallpaper.


The WhatsApp has nice emoticons, compared to other messaging applications, but the WhatsApp+ comes with brand new, and more lively emoticons. There are also some smileys that are like the ones on Google Hangouts. Nevertheless, the emoticons of the WhatsApp+ cannot show on WhatsApp. For that, your chat mate must have installed WhatsApp+ in order to view the emoticons.

The Status/Online Availability

With the WhatsApp Plus, you can hide your status or your last connection. In the previous version, anyone can see when last you were online, or if you are online. Anyone can also see your status in the WhatsApp, but this becomes more private with the WhatsApp+, where you choose who to see your online status. Nevertheless, the ability to hide the online status will be charged.

File Sharing Options

With WhatsApp, you are limited on the amount of file to share, basically, you cannot share a file that is more than 20MB. On the other hand, the WhatsApp+ allows you to select the size limit between 2MB to 50MB.

Other Settings And Appearance

Other than the skin menu, the WhatsApp+ has 6 menus that lets you edit the settings and appearance. Some of the changes that you can make include the following;

  • The color, headers or size of the chat icons/images.
  • The header and/or size of the images of your contacts.
  • The size and appearance of your pop-up alert.
  • The color and size of the widgets.
  • The launcher icon’s color, and
  • You can disable the animations and voice notes functions.


The WhatsApp Plus is expected to have an overall better performance, compared to the WhatsApp. But it will function fully if you and your contacts all have the WhatApp. Some functions might not work efficiently with the WhatsApp. There could be a possibility of having voice calls, or other security functions, which might be added on the WhatsApp+.

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