The Best Attack Strategy For Town Hall 8 – Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Clan War in Town Hall 8 involves strategy and skills when planning your attack. This is a game where you build your own village and town halls, and then fight against those trying to destroy it. You will need an attack strategy for Town Hall 8, so make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

There are plenty of ways to plan a strategic attack in Town Hall 8, but you want to pose the best one possible, right? Here are a few quick ways to plan out the best attack possible and make sure you do this correctly so that you don’t have to restart.

  • Army Composition Recommended is 10x Dragon
  • As for Heroes: Barbarian King, the highest level possible
  • If you use spells, you could try using your Rage, Healing or Lightning spell.
  • Your Clan Castle Units should be 1x Dragon (if this is possible), if this is not possible you should use Archers or Wizards

You should use your expected success against TH8 players. It might be hard to 3 star a TH8, but nevertheless this strategy allows you to be able to 3 star lower leveled TH8 players or even higher levels, with Air towers that might be exposed. You can also try to 2 star low TH9 with not so good Defense choices and once in a blue moon you can try to 3 star rushed higher level players, with lower level and over exposed Defense towers. Make sense?

You could also try using an entire clan of dragons and try to get another one in the Castle, this will help your strategic plan tremendously. The higher level that your dragons obtain, the better the attack will be. Your level 3 dragons have the best attacking options also.

Another way to plan a strategic attack would be to use your 2x Rage Spell with your 1x Healing Spell, or even your 3x Rage Spell. Others prefer using their 3x Lightning Spells because this will destroy the Air tower, only when there is a higher level Defense tower in the middle of the base, with the other Air towers being on a lower level.

While it may sound expensive to use a lot, if not every dragon, or your higher levels, or your spells that have more of an effect, this is actually quite profitable instead of expensive. In Town Hall 8 you need to use Gold Elixir and also Dark Elixir, instead of just Elixir. This helps to keep your energy up and your attacks at a higher level, and all at a non-expensive and accessible price.

There are many ways to plan and come up with a strategic attack on the Clans, but the dragon attack seems to be the best strategy, as it does more damage at a less expensive rate. You want to plan the most strategic attack that you can plan, and so using the dragons really allows you to be successful in Town Hall 8 and once you learn how to plan one strategic attack, you learn how to plan many others.

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