Mozilla Firefox Latest Version Free Download – New Updates Putting It At the Top of the Heap

Firefox has recently introduced a slew of updates, which might draw in many users, who had migrated to other browsers, to come back again and download it on their devices.

These updates are long pending for the browser and have brought in a lot of necessary changes.

Focusing on Simplicity

The orange tab menu on the left has been given up and this is now replaced with a button menu of three bars fitting in the main toolbar. The design is known as Australis and it highlights the current tab of the user, whereas the rest seem translucent.

Main Menu

The main menu is extremely simple, wherein the user can have access to private windows or create an Adblock Plus or locate Add-ons. It is very user-friendly and the navigation is also much faster, making it one of the top browsers available today.

Fluid Browsing

Though Mozilla Firefox has always been a very fast browser, the new updates make it speedier, when you navigate from one page to another. The browsing experience is fluid and is compatible throughout the web. The browser is also ready for accommodating multi touch gesture features. However, the speed on your browser will also depend on your Internet provider as well as the plan that you have subscribed for.

More Organized

The browser is better organized and it is easy to navigate, as it offers intuitive features. The interface is simple and consists of only the essentials, so there is no additional clutter. The features are also very powerful and easily accessible. There are some additional features that enhance usability. For instance, the spell checker makes you use the right spelling, when you work on the Internet. The session is also restored automatically when you reopen the browser after closing it, so that you can pick off where you left, even in case the browser shuts down unexpectedly. Even if you were in the middle of a mail, when the session expired, the content gets restored.

Synchronization Feature

It is possible to sync the browsing, so that you can now access the history, bookmarks and other features across devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. The browser also comes with tabbed features, so that you can move from one page to another from one window.  Tabs can also be customized with the Panorama feature, with the Redo button being particularly useful for times when you accidentally close a tab.

Quicker Browsing

The find on page feature is a non-intrusive and useful one. You can find phrases or words in a specific webpage. You will find this feature on the bottom, so that there is no pop-up window. The voice interaction feature is another add-on feature, allowing you to browse, using voice commands. However, it is not a built in feature but an add-on.

Enhanced Security Features

The new updates also bring in features for private browsing. You can enable this mode or disable it, so that it is now possible to browse with utmost privacy and in secrecy. There is also no difference in the interface or the icons in case of the privacy mode, so the mode is not easily discernible to others.

The browser also offers excellent protection against malware and viruses. It comes with automatic updating feature, so it will remain updated and can handle even the latest or zero day viruses and fix it. You can also access customization of the security settings and control the level of protection for cookies, passwords and so on.


The recent updates of Mozilla Firefox offer great ease of use and increased speed while browsing. It makes it one of the top contenders among the browsers, being simple and also offering options for various add-ons to give you a more customized version.

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