iPhone 6S Mini And A New 12.9 inch iPad To Be Launched Next Year

In concordance with Timothy Acruri, an analyst from Cowen and Company, Apple will most likely roll in spring 2015 a 4inch iPhone that will be dubbed as iPhone 6S Mini. Acruri also added that Apple plans to release a 12.9inch iPad in the same period, which will boost their sales and that the iPhone 6S Mini will look like the iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013. However, the iPhone 6S Mini will come with a new design, having a curvy glass like the one from both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Even if Acrur wasn’t so accurate with the iPhone 6 Plus, he is well known for his accurately predicted detailed of the iPhone 6. He stated that the upcoming iPhone 6 Plus will have a more powerful processor than the iPhone 6, which didn’t happen.

The upcoming iPhone 6S Mini will most likely replace the current iPhone 5C as Acruri stated that the upcoming device will feature some low priced components from Qualcomm. Even if most smartphone makers such as LG, HTC or Samsung had started releasing large sized smartphones, Apple still continues to sell pretty well its 4inch or smaller devices. This is why they prefer to release this budget-friendly iPhone 6S Mini and we’re pretty sure there will be a lot of interested people to buy it.

Also, according to Acruri, Apple is currently working on a 12.9inch iPad that will be released sometime in spring of 2015. It is expected that the Cupertino Company will ship around 15-20 million units of the new iPad.

On December 16, IBTimes said that Apple is currently working on a larger iPad Air Plus with a 12.2inch screen, but not a 12.9inch one as Acruri claimed. Also, in the article published on IBTimes, they said that the upcoming iPad Air Plus will come with an A8X processor and it will feature two speakers. The article said that the device name will be either iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus but none of these names or sizes was confirmed yet by Apple. Same goes for the rumored iPhone 6S Mini, which is expected to be released in the upcoming year.

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