Roku TV – What Can You Expect From The Service?

Roku TV is a very interesting concept and if you have never heard of this particular service, then you are missing out.

Basically, this is a Smart TV that is also available at a very smart price, but what can you actually expect from this service?

The Roku concept

In its previous incarnation, Roku produced a set top box that you plugged into your TV with it then providing you with a number of streaming possibilities. This particular gadget worked very well indeed, but now they have taken things one step further by combining it with a television and the result is actually pretty spectacular.

The TV

The actual TV comes with everything that you would automatically expect, so it is HD, it has all of the correct ports, and it has an LED screen. One impressive point is that their sets do tend to have a very good refresh rate, which is comparable to big names such as Sony and Samsung, but for a fraction of the price.

The Roku service

So how about the service that is now integrated into this television set? As we already stated, Roku is a streaming service and you actually get access to more than 1500 different channels. It comes with an easy to use homepage and there are various settings that you can employ that will make scanning through these channels a whole lot easier. Setting up the service is extremely easy even though their controller does feel as if it is from a games console, but it should still not take you that long to figure it out and get it up and running.

Your requirements

In order to really benefit from this service it is going to be best if you have a quality WiFi connection at as fast a speed as possible. If not, then the streaming itself could lag, but that is not the fault of the Roku TV as it is entirely yourself to blame. Aside from this, everything else comes in the actual television and when you consider the price that you are paying t is pretty clear that you are getting a good service at a very good price.

This Roku TV is not the only service like this out on the market, but for price and quality of service it is difficult to match it. The television itself is not mindblowing, but is will suffice and it does give you a good enough picture. The streaming does depend on your ability to maintain a quality connection and when you then have access to so many channels it makes sense for you to invest in quality WiFi or you are really missing out.

So what you can expect from the TV and the service?

  • Access to over 1500 channels.
  • A quality streaming service.
  • An HD ready TV with a refresh rate that competes with the best.
  • A low cost price for a large scale service.
  • Simple homepage that is easy to use and with a simple setup process.

If you love watching television and want more options than a standard television gives you, then a Roku TV is certainly something that you should take a closer look at.

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