Apple iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5 – Should You Stick with iPhone 4S or Upgrade?

If you are wondering whether to choose your existing iPhone 4S over its successor, there are a number of things you should consider.

Apple has been following the Tick-Tock system, where the successor gets slightly better and advanced. The designs of the two editions are barely different and the new accessories are hardly offered with the box. Hence, should you upgrade to iPhone 5 or stay satisfied with the iPhone 4S? Let’s find out by putting the iPhones in a head to head competition.


The smart and sleek design of every edition of the iPhone has always been a fascinating thing for the prospective buyers. The iPhone 4S as well as the iPhone 5 have smoothly designed models with an elegant screen. The dimensions of the iPhone 4S and its successor are 115.2×58.6×9.3 mm and 123.8×58.6×7.6 mm, respectively. This means that the newer version of the iPhone is larger and slimmer in design. Apart from this, the iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 4S comes in two colors; namely White and Black.

When it comes to the display screen, the iPhone 4S features a LED-backlit 3.5-inch capacitive screen. On the contrary, the iPhone 5 offers a LED-backlit 4-inch LCD screen. Considering the difference in screen size, the resolution of the two phones differs slightly. While the resolution of iPhone 4S is 640×960 pixels, its successor comes loaded with 640×1136 pixels. The screen protection of both the phones is improved with the presence of Corning Gorilla Glass and the oleo-phobic coating.

Winner: iPhone 5


The iPhone 4S runs on a 1 GHz Dual Core processor with the Apple A5 chipset. On the other hand, the newer version of iPhone features a 1.3 GHz Swift Dual Core processor with the Apple A6 chipset. When it comes to the operating system, both the Apple devices come loaded with the signature iOS. The only difference is that the older version consists of the iOS 5, whereas the iPhone 5 comes preloaded with the iOS 6. However, the two devices can be upgraded up to the iOS 8.1.3.

Coming to the storage, like all the editions of the iPhone, these two devices come in multiple versions of storage capacity. In fact, the iPhone 4S offers 8 GB, 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB of internal storage whereas the newer iPhone provides an option to choose from 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The presence of an external card slot is absent in both the phones. More importantly, the iPhone 5 features 1 GB RAM in comparison to iPhone 4S’ 512 MB.

Winner: iPhone 5


The camera configuration in the case of both the phones is pretty similar. The rear camera in the two phones is of 8 MP. The quality of pictures taken by this camera has improved with the presence of LED flash and the image enhancing features, such as geo tagging, face detection and touch focus. Apart from this, the front camera of the iPhone 5 is more powerful than its older counterpart. In simpler words, the iPhone 4S has a VGA camera whereas the iPhone 5 has 1.2 MP camera.

Winner: iPhone 5


The iPhone 4S is powered by a 1432 mAh Li-Po battery, whereas the newer edition of iPhone runs on 1440 mAh Li-Po battery. The two batteries are non-removable manually. The battery capacity of both the phones is capable enough to keep the iPhones working for hours after charging.

Winner: Tie


As the iPhone 5 scores higher than its predecessor in majority of areas, its price tag is slightly higher. In simpler words, you can purchase an iPhone 4S for €210; whereas the iPhone 5 pinches an additional €130 out of your pockets. Therefore, it can be concluded that you should upgrade to iPhone 5 only if you prefer features and specifications over price.

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