Surface Pro 4 Poised to follow in the Footsteps of Surface Pro 3 – Check out the Details

The Surface Pro 4 is the next big thing from Microsoft besides the launch of the stable version of Windows 10.

According to the latest word on the street, this device might follow in the footsteps as those of its predecessor the Surface Pro 3 by shipping without a fan.

The Surface Pro 4 is thought to be a very powerful fan-less tablet that is powered by a Broadwell processor. What this means is that the new tablet will be working without sound coming out from it, or if any, a whisper-quiet sound. This will happen even when the device is under heavy usage, but the device will feature some holes to act as heat dissipation channels. It is thought that these holes will not be obvious as those in the Surface Pro 3.

Another implication of this fan-less Surface Pro 4 is that it will be very thin when compared to the Pro 3. However, this device is touted to be heavier than its predecessor. The size of display and screen resolution will not change from the current 12 inches and 2160 by 1440 pixels respectively.

Continuity of design

There will be very few changes if at all when it comes to the design of the Pro 4 when compared to the Pro 3. This will also be the same for the battery unit. The specs that made the Surface Pro 3 a hit are expected to be maintained on this new model. According to the Microsoft, the sales recorded from Surface devices increased by 44% since the release of Surface Pro 3. This can be attributed to the 12 inches of display and not 10.6 inches that was on the older Surface Pro 2. The aspect ratio has also been maintained, which is also good for the device and users.

A new Intel processor

Considering the fact that this tablet will come without a fan, choosing a Broadwell Intel processor is still questionable for Microsoft. At the moment, only the more power-efficient Atom processors can manage to be shipped in a fan-less tablet. Other Core M processors can also work in a fan-less tablet.

It is not yet clear why Microsoft would opt for a more powerful Intel Broadwell processor that will definitely dissipate lots of heat, especially when in heavy usage.

Battery life

What will drive more people into ditching the Surface Pro 3 for a new Surface Pro 4 is probably the battery life. According to Intel, the Broadwell processor will draw less power than the previous Haswell processor, with the company reporting a reduction of up to 30%. This means that users of the new Surface Pro 4 can get an additional one and half or two hours of usage before running out of charge.

Furthermore, this device features a fan-less architecture which means that there is no fan to draw power from the battery, making the Surface Pro 4 last even much longer.

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