Samsung Galaxy S6 – How to Become a Great Photographer

Samsung has taken to the world of photography with its new 16-MP snapper that also comes with quite a number of amazing features to spice things up.

Today, many flagship smartphones have some of the most amazing sensors and with them; you can take some of the most perfect pictures.

Despite the admirable ability of the Galaxy S6’s snapper, you must also be equipped with a number of tips that will help you come out with the best pictures using your phone. This is true because it’s not a good sensor that makes a good photographer and if it were, everyone could jump into this profession. However, if you are looking to get more than what the auto and burst modes offer, here is a list of the best 4 tips you could use in order to get the best results with your Samsung Galaxy S6 photo moments.

Stay still when taking photos

While a phone may be very mobile, it doesn’t mean you can still take photos when in motion. This will definitely alter the quality of the picture, as you may end up with a blurry image. The best way to get the perfect picture is to stay still when taking the picture. Furthermore, ensure that you have a good grasp of the phone (probably with two hands) so as to avoid any blurred images that may be as a result of an unstable one hand grasp.

Despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 camera comes with optical image stabilization, it still very important that you stay steady when taking photos with this device.

Think before taking the photo

Even though the Galaxy S6 comes with an exceptional camera that is extremely fast and also offers the burst mode, many of those who want to get the best photos forget that these are not the most essential aspects of photography. What you need to do is to first of all visualize what you want to capture as well as what you want in the end. Try something like changing the lighting or even framing. This will have huge impact on the composition of your photo, which is also very important when it comes to photography.

Using HDR mode

Learning how and when to use the HDR mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is the secret to becoming the best photographer. This feature has grown to become a default occurrence on many flagships that are rolling out in recent times; however, it must be used very carefully in order to get the most perfect photos. Even though the HDR feature will result in images that are brighter, it is not recommended to use it all the time. However, it is the best feature to make your photos great when in poor lighting conditions.

Shooting modes

The Galaxy S6, just like any other flagship, comes with an in-built camera app that offers the user with quite a number of shooting modes. However, these modes can be applied depending on the environment in which the photos are being taken. The mode for the modest photographers is basically the auto mode. However, you can try out other modes for much better results, for instance, night, sunset or party, among many others.

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