Minecraft Xbox 360 Update for 2015

With its ever-growing community, Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games in the world that allows you to do, build and basically roam anywhere you want in its universe freely. Probably this is one of the main reasons why millions of people have downloaded it and play it on a daily basis. However, 4J Studios aren’t sleeping on themselves and they’ve recently launched the Minecraft Xbox 360 Update for 2015. This patch brings a lot of great changes that aim at making the game an even greater experience.

Changelog for the Xbox 360 Update for 2015

The update was announced by 4J Studios on their Twitter account and it is currently update number twenty three. While it doesn’t bring any massive changes and it will probably win the prize as the fewest changes in the history of Minecraft updates, it does fix a few bugs and issues that aim at improving overall gameplay.

Issues fixed

To be more specific about what the update fixes, there are 4 bugs this version corrects. While many players are wondering why 4J Studios decided to roll out such a small update, rumor has it that a lot of players have requested small bug fixes that were making the game very annoying to play. Since 4J Studios always listens to its loyal fan base, it rolled out the update immediately.

For instance, in Minecraft the split screen feature is very popular, but many payers have accused there are many issues with it when it comes to mobs and other players. What happens is that they just turn invisible, so it’s quite impossible to enjoy the game when this happens. Another bug that was addressed by the update was a crash that would happen after playing the game for a few hours. The bug only affected those who were playing the game in Split screen mode though.

The third bug the update fixed was the halting of the game when you’d want to create a wither. The red stone comparator had many corruptions and graphical hitches, so they were fully addressed by this fix. So if you want to enjoy playing Minecraft without it crashing or without having your friends who are playing in split screen with you turn invisible, then you may want to download the new update as soon as possible.

TU23 for the Xbox One

It seems that the same update will also be rolled out for the Xbox One Edition very soon. When 4J Studio announced they launched update number 23rd for 2015, it was only available to a few regions, but they followed up very soon saying that all regions will be able to download the new update within a day or two.

As for the Xbox One edition, the change log is unchanged. However, the update does fix an annoying issue that players experienced when they were fishing and it also adds support for pattern texture pack.

Thanks to these updates, playing Minecraft is going to be that much more enjoyable. In fact, you may want to celebrate by having a friend over to your place so you can play the game together!

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