GTA Online: Schyster Deviant Might Be More Useful Than You’d Think

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Let’s be straight: GTA Online fans play the game because of the cars. And there are so many to choose from, players don’t even know what to choose. Some don’t choose what they need for missions, and then they regret it, but there sure is one vehicle that will win you plenty of popularity.

We’re talking about The Schyster Deviant, which was added into the family in February 2019 in the Arena War update.

All you need to know about it

The Schyster Deviant is a two-door car that’s based on the 1972 AMC Javelin. In real life, it is known as the Ringbrothers’ Javelin AMX Defiant.

How to get it?

You can get it if you visit the Legendary Motorsport website. You can buy it for $512K..

“It wasn’t as beautifully proportioned as the Sabre, or as fast as the Dominator, but that didn’t matter – in the ’70s, the real connoisseurs of muscle were all about the Deviant. Well now the dark horse is all grown up, and thanks to Team Schyster’s ground-breaking remodeling this tricked-out, wild-eyed stallion is all set to put a hoof through your skull at the first opportunity.” – Legendary Motorsport


The car has a single-cam V8 engine and it comes with a 4-speed transmission. It also has a rear-wheel-drive layout. You’ll also get a stock attachment as a supercharger for the extra air intake.

The car is heavier than most muscle cars. The speedometer gets to 174 kmph (108 mph).


There are plenty of visual elements, such as bumpers and hoods and grilles which you can choose from. Of course, the car will probably not win you races, or outrun others, but if you customize it right, it will give you a lot of popularity to enjoy.

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