Fallout 4 Trailer Analysis and Inside Details

After Bethesda released the official trailer of Fallout 4, the fans have started analyzing it. Even if Bethesda just released the Fallout 4 trailer, there were many Fallout fans that were very sure that the developer will announce the game during E3 2015.

However, even if those were only rumors until now, currently we can clearly say that Bethesda is going to give us more official information about Fallout 4 during this upcoming event.

However, let’s get back to the Fallout 4 official trailer. In it, we can see a dog as a canine companion, but there are a lot of players who are currently asking if they will be able to fully control it, as a character. Well, we’re pretty sure that this will be revealed at E3 2015, by Bethesda.

At the minute 1:27, you will see the T-45 power armors and a man in a green military equipment. You will also notice a Vault 111 door opening and a flashback where you will notice the nuclear explosion that has blown everything away. We suppose that the Vault 111 door will bring you to the protagonist’s home.

According to MrMattyPlays, a well known Fallout fan, says that this game might have first person animation. From what we’ve seen on the video, we we’ve noticed the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution that changed into an airship. This clearly confirms that the action takes place in Boston.

At the 1:40 mark, we notice a short appearance of a mysterious stranger that’s walking with a trench coat and a hat. It seems that the location is Scollay Square, which is a vibrant city square in downtown of Boston, before it got demolished in 1962.

We also noticed some strange creatures and zombies, but that’s not something new to a game as Fallout. At the 1:49 mark, you will notice the entrance of Diamond City along with some floodlights and old hoarding, hinting that it used to be a basketball stadium in there.

At the minute 2:00, the fans have noticed GNN letters sign near a Radio Tower, which might mean that Fallout 3’s radio host, Three Dog, will also return to the series. Other fans say that GNN means Galaxy News Network, which can be an extension of Galaxy News Radio (GNR).

Let’s not forget that back in 2013, Todd Dellums, the voice actor of Three Dog hinted that he (his voice) is returning to the game. At 2:19, you will notice a garage, which might be the safe house and it looks way better designed and integrated than the one we’ve seen in the previous Fallout games.

However, Bethesda is going to give us more official information about Fallout 4 during E3 2015, on June 14, 2015, starting at 7PM PST. There will be also a live stream of the event on both Twitch and YouTube, which is awesome.

If you didn’t see the official Fallout 4 trailer yet, take a look at it below:

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