GTA Vice City Gets the Silent Hill Mod – Watch Gameplay Footage

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You’re cruising down Vice City’s neon-lit streets in your fancy car, when suddenly, the radio starts to distort and the fog rolls in. You exit the car and start to hear creepy ambient sounds, like distant wails and metal screeching.

As you walk around, you realize that the city has transformed into a dark, twisted version of itself, with rusted buildings and abandoned streets. Suddenly, you see Pyramid Head charging towards you with his giant knife, and you realize that this isn’t Vice City anymore, it’s Silent Hill!

You try to run, but the streets are full of abandoned cars and twisted alleyways that lead to nowhere. As you navigate this hellish landscape, you encounter grotesque creatures and terrifying monsters around every corner, all while trying to solve puzzles to escape this nightmare.

Someone wanted to find out more clearly how a Silent Hill mod for GTA Vice City would look. Here’s what he got:

The world of GTA Vice City is sunny and scandalous. The neon lights are bright, the cars are fast, and the police are always on your tail.

In this game, you’ll play Tommy Vercetti, a former mobster who’s just been released from prison and is ready to take over the city. You’ll navigate the streets of Vice City, taking on missions for various shady characters, all while trying to avoid getting busted by the cops or blown up by rival gangs.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this wild adventure. You’ll meet a cast of colorful characters, including a coked-up movie star, a washed-up rock musician, and a deranged Haitian gang leader who speaks in riddles. Together, you’ll cause chaos and wreak havoc on the streets of Vice City, all in the name of making money and taking over the city.

And let’s not forget about the cars! You’ll have access to a wide variety of vehicles, from muscle cars to motorcycles . Just be careful not to crash into any palm trees or run over any innocent pedestrians.

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