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This brand new version for the IM app is the v5.4.0.4165. Skype is considered one of the most popular instant messaging applications on the market, of course next to other IM giants such as LINE, Viber, WeChat and more. This app can be used for all Android devices.

Skype offers users the possibility of initiating free audio & video calls. This can be done on a landline number and on a cell number. In order for these calls to be free, both users must use Skype, if not they have to pay a small price for the calls.

Besides Android, the app also functions on Microsoft Windows and Linux, Mac and iOS and of course Windows devices. Back in 2003, Skype was initially launched by a man called Dane Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström. Then eBay came along and bought the app for USD $2.6 billion. Afterwards, it was Microsoft’s turn to buy Skype for $8.5 billion. And ever since this acquisition took place, Skype has plenty of advertisements which they propagandize constantly.

Skype for Android –and its Features

Because Skype doesn’t charge you, users recur to this app to keep in touch with their endeared ones. Check out Skype’s features down below:

  • No costs
  • Prompt voice & video calls
  • Allows you to share & send photos
  • Fun emoticons and graphics
  • Works on multiple operating systems platforms
  • Constant mood upgrades to help you share your current state
  • Wall upgrades for an type of announcement
  • Contains Video messaging features and more

New updates concerning the v5.4.0.4165 version:

  • Gives you a heads-up when the other person is responding/typing
  • Your avatar photo can still be seen, even when you scroll down to read longer text messages
  • You see a certain icon each time you share a document
  • User can currently offer feedback within the application

Check out these other useful permissions:

  • Instantly calls phone numbers
  • SMS and MMS are read
  • Captures videos and all kinds of photos by using your gadget’s own camera
  • The mic integrated in your own gizmo is used to record
  • Finds your current location, based solely on the network
  • Alters and read all type of content on your card
  • Easily disarms the lock feature on your screen
  • Uncovers and alters accounts
  • It adds passwords, if they are required
  • Links with Bluetooth gadgets
  • Fires-up others apps
  • Handles the vibration mode of your gizmo
  • It doesn’t allow the gadget to go into sleep mode
  • Allows you to play around with the audio options
  • All sync options are instantly read
  • It alters system settings

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