Google’s First News and Weather App Launched on Apple Watch


Apple Watch has received enough support from customers because it comes from a reputed company and is already a status symbol.

For those who think Rolex and other watch manufacturers are not on par with the latest trends, buying the Apple Watch Edition for $10,000 should be an apt choice. You not only get a device that allows you to know the time but it has a whole lot of apps and fitness tracking modules to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. The list of apps on the tiny watch is so high that it could bedazzle the buyers. You have everything on it right from Facebook, Twitter to Instagram and now Google has joined the list by officially launching an application of their own.

Google News and Weather

Google News and Weather app is the first product from the search engine giant to land on the Apple Watch. Using it on your small screen isn’t so tough after all because all you have to do is swipe left or right to know more. The app has been designed to match the interface used in the watch and doesn’t bother you with too many actions.

When you swipe to the news section, it will automatically show a tiny image of the same and will also display the news headlines. The problem is that, you can only read the headlines on your watch. Because of the screen being so small, the developers have restricted the app from displaying summaries on it as reading text would be near impossible on it. Instead, they have integrated the Force Click feature in the Safari browser which lets you save those stories to read then on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Google Wear is growing

While Google is keen on supporting the Apple Watch because of its strong fan following, they are consistently upgrading their own devices as well. Motorola, Samsung and many other Android devices are on the prowl. They now support Google Now cards which allow users to easily know appointments, set alarms and notifications when they need to. Voice search is also supported by these watches which makes it easier for you to share a command on the move.

Apple is yet to showcase their own updates which should be around the corner. The smart watch battle has officially begun and it is the consumers who will decide the ultimate winner. The app store is now readily accepting new apps designed for the watch.

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